Saturday, March 21, 2015

S.O.S: Action vs Inspired Action

I don't know about you but when I have things to do, I do one of two things. I sit and procrastinate or I get up and do them. Yesterday I was greeted with a whole new mindset! Do you know what it is? We can choose to take action or ... we can take inspired action. Yes, there is a difference.

Of course, let's first take a look at action.

Action is defined as the fact or process of doing something. That's it. In other words it is just getting it done.

When you add in inspiration to that action, there is so much more than just getting things done. Yes, the outcome may look the same, but trust me there is so much more. When you  have inspired action the motive is often different AND how you feel in the process is completely different.

Inspired action is brought on by a mindset of gratitude, appreciation, and a higher expectation but not for your own selfish reasons. See, I can write a blog post for my own reasons (therapy ~ to spotlight me) or I can write a blog post that will inspire and equip you to become a better person yourself whether that be in your personal life, career, relationships, or in whatever need this blog fills for you.

Inspired action requires the following from you:

1. Trusting your instinct (or intuition). It has taken me a long time to realize that I CAN "trust my gut". I don't have to doubt it even if it goes against all I was ever taught. Amazing stuff. I have known for quite sometime that I can trust my initial feelings about people. I can read most people like a book even if just meeting them once. I can tell you which of my teen's friends are genuine, fake, or just downright not what we want for our family. I am now learning to to trust and follow my intuition on things to get done (both at work and at home), how to spend my time, and .... where I should spend my energy.

2. While you rely on intuition, you also have to have some kind of goal that you strive for. Here are a few of my examples:

a) A company appropriate home at any given time. While I love having a clean house, I love even more the peace of mind knowing that if someone wanted to drop in ~ for the most part I won't be embarrassed about my house and how I have kept it up. Simply put, if someone drops by unexpectedly I don't have to this feeling of dread ~ I can welcome them right on in and enjoy their company without hearing that voice in my head pointing all the things that haven't been done.

b) I've climbed Mount Laundry over and over throughout the years, and I am not a fan. In fact I do laundry every single day of the week and that includes getting it put away right out of the dryer. I know if I don't, then it will sit there and in some sense take up space in my mind (knowing it needed to be done) until it got done. Why not just do it, mark it off my list and move on?!

c) My relationship with my husband is important. I am learning to act on those intuitive thoughts that either bring intimacy between us, or a blessing to him. Why? It's important. A big chunk of our relationship has revolved around raising kids. It's now that it is important for us to rekindle what made us fall in love to begin with and make sure those things are not only awakened but remain that way. I've witnessed many marriages fall apart as their kids have grown. I mean completely destroyed and I don't want that. I LOVE my husband and he IS my best friend. While we are continually raising our fastly growing children, we now take and make time for just us.

The next time in your gut you feel like you should do something; whether it be dusting your furniture, cooking your husband's favorite meal, calling a friend, putting in a proposal at work, or running a mile  ... do it. Find that amazing feeling of knowing that following through with your inspired action is one of the most valuable and unique things you can do to be true to yourself and be genuine with others.


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