Monday, March 2, 2015

Sweet Word Sunday: Comparison

Happy Sunday! When I arose as the sun was coming up this morning I was shocked at how much energy I had. I mean really, we went to bed well after midnight and here the sun was awakening me at 7. Seven amazing  hours of sleep and a few crazy dreams later, I find myself ready to face the day. We have a friend who has been in in the hospital and should be released today. We were going to go visit her today, but not knowing where they would be I thought maybe I would be better serving if I make her a big ol pot of Chicken Noodle Soup ~ because we all know the healing powers in a bowl of chicken soup! There is something so warming, soothing, and comforting. The amazing thing is I have all the ingredients here to make it! I LOVE that! There is something so peaceful knowing that I without a clue had the wisdom to have these things on hand.

This morning I wanted to share a word that has come up in my life probably from the time I could understand the concept. Actually probably WAY before, Comparison. Specifically comparison between myself and others. Let's take a look at the definition of the word first.

Comparison - an examination of two or more items to establish similarities and dissimilarities

 Here is what Yahya's post said in case you can't see it in the screenshot.

"Building a body and life that you love takes patience, time and commitment. Comparing ourselves to others only makes us weaker and more insecure. Learning to value the process over the outcome is a crucial element for not only success but fulfillment as well. Asking for guidance and mentorship is a necessary part of becoming wiser and growing stronger. If we want to practice the law of attraction, we have to take consistent and massive action daily. Most people, including myself at times, want the results but dislike the process of getting there. The moment we start valuing the journey over the destination...that's when we stop making excuses for ourselves and start doing the work that's required in becoming a stronger, healthier, wiser and happier version of ourselves. Do the work, follow the plan, value the process, get your results and then inspire others. "

Now. I highlighted a few things that I wanted to share and why I included his post into my blog post today. The biggest is that it fit right in with my "sweet word" of the day. "Comparing ourselves to others only makes us weaker and more insecure." Do you know why? Because there is some level of pride and arrogance in comparing ourselves to others. See, sometimes we compare ourselves to others who are successful, and where we wish we were in life. But we also sometimes compare ourselves to others who  may not be where we are right now. Either way, they both  hold us back from being the best WE can be, and being our true self.

At work we have a weight-loss challenge going on for the month of March. I had to very carefully decline in participating. Not because I was afraid of the #'s on the scale ~ but because for me ... it is just another avenue to be stuck in the life of comparisons. I have my goals, but see I am a pretty motivated person on my own ~ but when I allow people into the aspect of weight loss (body maintenance) then I tend to begin to compare myself with others and I just take things into a NOT healthy level. Mentally. Emotionally. And yes, even physically.

If I am not careful I can also get myself in a pickle when it comes to comparing my life with others ~ and how I run our home as a wife and a mother.

There is NOTHING healthy about comparing our lives with anyone else.


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