Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sweet Word Sunday: Energy

Welcome to Sweet Word Sunday where we explore a word together. I like to look up the definition and share why that word is on my heart. Every word that I share on this day, always is because it means something. And let me tell you ENERGY means something to me as I am sure it does to you as well.

Energy (noun)
: ability to be active : the physical or mental strength that allows you to do things
: natural enthusiasm and effort
: usable power that comes from heat, electricity, etc.

One, I am astounded that the word "energy"is a noun. I always assumed it was a verb. Take it away, and we are lifeless. I do know this, and I am honest when I say I don't like that feeling. I don't like the feeling of being "humdrum" or as some would describe as bored. I do not have time to be bored as I am do have many things I want to do in my life, and have plenty to keep me busy. That feeling of "humdrum" has been around for the last couple of months though so this weekend I spent some time exploring it and trying to figure it out. That is what I do. I try to figure out what is not working and what I can do to change that. I don't like to complain, and I really don't often like for other people to solve my issues/problems/conflicts for me. Do you want to know what I discovered? Oh boy, I might open a can of worms but I try to always be open and genuine with you all when I blog. I consider you my "friends" and when I blog, it is like sitting around the table chatting and sharing a big chunk of me. So here goes: 

1. We might not have control of what goes on around us, but we DO have control over the way we act/react/ and how we let other's effect us. This is something I shared on social media the other day and honestly ~ it is how I feel. (This was the start of my exploring and it was like lifting a 20 pound sack of taters off my back!) 

I am a positive person for the most part. I am NOT a garbage disposal for your negativity... please just find find a trashcan!" ~ MY new motto! If your my friend, I love ya. I like ya. I like having ya around. But ... my time with you is not a dumping ground! I am not a landfill ~ and time is too precious to be sorting out other people's leftovers/garbage/ emoticon
2. Energy can be felt, heard, and smelt.Really energy can be explored through ALL of our senses. I was taught that lesson yesterday morning. It was a cool morning and I wanted to also go ahead and open the windows for the day. So... since we have firewood I started a fire in the fireplace. Within a few minutes I sat down and began to blog. Do know what happened next? I heard the crackling of the wood. I heard the rush of the flames. I saw the movement, and amazingness of it all. I smelt the lovely smell of burning firewood. I felt the warmth of the heat. I learned that when I am feeling frustration, often it isn't my own frustration nor does it usually have anything to do with me. But because I am an intuitive person ~ I take those things on and try to "fix" them. Again ~ not my circus, not my monkey. All I gotta do is keep myself aligned properly with the correct emotions of what I want to experience and I can get through it with joy on the flip-side. 

3. Illness even as small as a sinus infection can kill your energy levels. See, your body is using a TON of energy itself trying to heal. Doing other things on top of it (like working, cleaning, and trying to keep up a pace that is energy consuming as it is) is not always wise. But, as adults we push through it. I don't call into work for every little thing, and really have gone to work feeling  much worse. BUT... I have taken some meds and can feel the difference today! A lot of lacking of energy was indeed from not feeling my best. It is so important to take care of yourself! You can't be the amazing addition to this world if you are NOT at your peek. 

4. Energy can be changed. I am learning how to take assessment and change my own energy. I don't like conflicts because they are just run on pure negative energy. I do like conversations that evoke change. Those for me are positive. 


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