Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sweet Word Sunday: The season of renewal

It's Spring! It's Spring! It's Spring! Did you know... it's Spring?! Oh my gracious! As much as I love Summer and Autumn, I really love Spring too!

So, Friday was the first day of Spring and Friday was the day it kicked in. That feeling of refreshment that comes from a cool breeze through an open window, a tall glass of lemonade on a warm afternoon, and a hug at the end of the day by your husband. I felt it when I woke up that day. I felt it throughout the day from one errand to the next, even as the afternoon progressed with mowing of the lawn, changing air filters, etc. It was just a GREAT day ~ and a wonderful start to a new season not only of nature, but of my life too.

Deep within I feel so excited about what is to come. Spring does that for me every single year. It is almost like a "rebirth" for me, but not like I am being reborn into the same person over and over. No... I am indeed a new creation.

Never before have I felt it so deep within that I am indeed a new creation! I am evolving and LOVING who I am becoming. I am discovering who I am, what I want in my life, I am even realizing that the legacy I will one day leave behind is pretty darn amazing! I realize that every day leading up into the next one was only a stepping stone to becoming who I am right this minute. And guess what!?! Today, is the process of building another step for tomorrow!

There is not one person on this planet like you. Not one. I challenge you to STOP wasting that by living a humdrum life! If you are barely making it through the day and can't wait to go back to bed to hide your head under your pillow* then it is time to change your mindset! If you are living your life under someone else's shadow ~ it's time to change your mindset! If you are living in any way that doesn't highlight the amazing YOU that you are ~ it's time to change your mindset!

Take a walk. Get outside and sip a water bottle, cup of coffee, iced tea, or whatever your fancy is today. I saw my first butterfly yesterday! The frogs are out! I now can't wait to see the dragonflies! The doves were singing away this morning, with a crow putting in his two cents too. It's Spring! It's time to be renewed!

*had to put a disclaimer because I DO sleep on my stomach with my head under my pillow ~ but it is often how I feel safe, secure and comfortable. At times I do love sleeping on my husband's chest wrapped in his arms, but you can almost bet a million dollars that I will sometime in the night end up with my head under my pillow.

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