Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Think again!

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On Sunday I posted a post about motivation and taking the action that leads to not only sharing the inspiration within but inspiring others. It wasn't long after that post was published, I listened to a lie. The lie which I will be honest and tell you I thought it was direction from God himself ~ but soon realized we MUST be careful to the voices we listen to! Although a whisper, I should have noticed that it wasn't His voice... but one who mocks the voice of direction that comes from Him. Immediately I thought on Sunday I was to close down all my blogs and stop writing all together. Did I forget to mention that last week I was convicted of a personal story that I was given to share with the youth and sadly a few adults who have been holding onto a secret and dirty laundry that they should be able to let go of. Fear gripped me, yet I knew it was time regardless of the outcome.

So a couple hours after that I did the unthinkable. I began to prepare to shut all my blogs (and their coordinating Facebook pages) down. I did have some foresight though and just changed the settings to private instead of hitting "delete". This morning is when I knew that what I had done wasn't the right thing ~ I knew I needed to make it right.

See, God has given me the gift of words, encouragement, and being able to help others via the blogs, and material that I am currently working on. It is innovative, and so different than what you get mainstream ~ and in a way is very personal. Why in the world would He tell me to stop what He has gifted me to do?! Was it for me to realize this myself (yet again...)? Was it because I knew that I couldn't' listen to outside voices telling me what I had to share and say wasn't okay? Either way.. I am here to say I am back, stronger than ever and boy do I have  TON of writing to do for the rest of the week! Glad I am on Spring Break!


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