Sunday, April 19, 2015

Change your world part 1

Instead of doing my regular "Sweet Word Sunday" posts and "Motivation Monday post, I am going to do a two part blog post on something that I have been applying to my life for the last nine months or so. I haven't been consistent, but I have been able to be consistent enough to see the difference when I follow this plan, and when I don't. It makes the world around me a better place when I am "on point" versus when I allow others to dictate my thoughts and what I "should be doing". 

So often I get these amazing teaching lessons in the oddest of times and places. I can almost guarantee that at least twice a week .. I get either a GREAT idea, or a life lesson in the shower. I am ever thankful for glass shower doors because I can write in the steam. I have balanced my checkbook in the steam, wrote out an outline of several blog posts that I want to to write, and even this "lesson" that I want to share with you because it is important. I have learned many times if I write down these things, I can later on reference them at the right time. When I wrote this ... I knew that it had to be shared because there is so much to be learned from this simple diagram. It's nothing new, but maybe just maybe it an inspire, encourage, and push you to change your world around you because it really does start (and end) with you. 

Written down as I wrote it on the glass shower doors.

Generally speaking, your thoughts lead to feelings which lead to actions and in the end control the end result of whatever it was you were thinking. Positive or negative end result, it all depends on your thoughts. Kind of sounds redundant but stop looking at it with a complicated vision. Look at it as a way to change the world around you ~  in your home, your career, your relationships, etc. your thoughts have power! 

I love this quote by Tony Robbins as I consider him one of my mentors (though I have never met the guy in person. That day will come though.)  "Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life."

We are told often to "hold your thoughts captive" and it isn't for any reason but to correct the stinking thinking (aka negative thoughts). Let's break this down a bit before we move on. If you think negative thoughts, it is obviously going to bring on negative feelings. Just as if you were to think positive thoughts, it would bring on positive feelings. Thoughts.... control how we feel and in that alone changes the world around us. Why? Because it can indeed change the temperature (emotional temperature) of an entire room ~ and not only effect you but those around you as well. I have experienced it, and I have actually seen it happen and been effected as well. 

Feelings. There are a kazillion of them. But did you know that there are really only two emotions? Pain or Pleasure ~ and with that all feelings are derived. Depression..comes from the emotion of pain. happiness comes from the emotion of pleasure. And do you want to know something. We have a choice over the emotion we choose ~ therefore the feelings that are derived. BUT ... the thoughts we have are what makes the choice of the feelings we allow. 

I know this post is not very long. I also know that you may have read similar things already in your lifetime. But see... your reading them again. It's for a reason! Make up your mind right now that you are going to start changing how you think! 

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