Monday, April 20, 2015

Change your world Part 2

This is the continuation of "Change your world" blog post I started yesterday. I am loving that you guys are enjoying these kind of blog posts because it is where my heart is right now. We MUST know that we CAN change our world that we live in (that little bubble we call "life") simply by taking responsibility of our thoughts and all that come from that. If you missed yesterday's post I suggest you CLICK HERE and read that part first so that it will make sense to you. 

Yesterday we talked about how our thoughts dictate our feelings. The next step to that is understanding that your feelings are going to inspire your actions. Whether it is a conscious decision or not ~ it happens. 

The actions you take (whatever they may be) are a direct reflection of the feelings you are experiencing from the thoughts you are having. To put it bluntly ~ it's your choice! It has always been your choice, and it always will be. ONLY YOU can choose to act in the manner that you have chosen to. I am going to give you an example of how these work both negative and positively. 

Let's say you wake up from a decent night sleep. You walk into the kitchen to make coffee and you realize you are out. Immediately you think "How am I going to get through this day without my coffee?" and "Why can't anyone else remember to buy the coffee?". So, you get in a huff and begin to feel sorry for yourself, and all of a sudden you feel so tired. You then think "This is going to be one long day." You snap at your kids, and your spouse and get in your car to go to work. Guess what!? Your stuck in traffic and no body remembers to use their turn signals. By the time you get to work you have already decided this was going to be the worst day ever and guess what. IT is!  OR..... instead when you realize that there is no coffee "Oh yeah! I forgot to get some at the store! I will leave early, grab my favorite cappuccino from Starbucks, and make time to stop and get some to have at home from the store on the way to work." By doing this  you already give a solution to your brain, and realize that it is no big deal! By the time you are close to Starbucks you realize you are already full of energy and just decide to run to the store to get the coffee for tomorrow morning. You get to work early, and lo and behold, your supervisor brought cappuccinos for the entire staff!  

Your thoughts control your feelings, which in turn are visible in your actions and the end result is always crystal clear to the thought that birthed it. 

Another example:
A clean house
You look around and think "I hate this house. It's always dirty. I cant' ever keep it clean!" OR you could think "I love this house! I love that I can take care of it, and keep it clean and always company ready at the drop of a hat!" Same house. Different thoughts, Different outcomes. 

Your thoughts predict your outcome. 

Get it through that head of yours that thoughts matter MORE than anything. They are  precedent to what's to come. And ... it's your choice. Always has been. Always will be! 

Have a negative thought CHANGE it fast! In fact, go as far as thinking the opposite! Feel like your in debt all the time.  That is a sign of feeling lack (the emotion would be pain unless it is pleasurable for you to be broke.) Instead think "I have all that I need right now at this moment! I am content." 


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