Saturday, April 25, 2015

S.O.S: Stop Hesitating & Planner Update

I have spoken much on procrastinating and how silly it really is. I think the desire to procrastinate comes from the desire to have an excuse not to accomplish the goal. Sound harsh? I don't mean it to. I just know from my own experience the more I let go of procrastinating, the more I realize how foolish I am for thinking it is a good choice to make in the first place.

I was looking over some notes I have taken while listening/watching to podcasts in the last few months and an area that hit home for what I wanted to share with you today caught my eye. It was not by accident, but was more like a reinforcement. On the paper I had written at the top "4 reasons people remain in a broke mindset" though I can't say that was the title of the podcast itself.  The fourth reason was something that caught my attention the most because it is something that I am deeply working on in my own life ~ both personally as well as professionally.

4. Too risk adverse (not taking risks is settling) 

In my own notes I had written the following words in parenthesis "surviving ~ not thriving". Wowzers! When we hesitate... we are being too risk adverse. We are settling. We are .... barely hanging on. Aren't you TIRED of that?! I know I for one am! I have put a bit more of "ME" out into the world this week. I can tell you this. It feels amazing. Do you know why? I am not hiding from anyone. I am not pretending to be something I am not. And in the mean time, I am freeing up some energy and time to stop procrastinating and getting things done. I am no longer hesitating wondering if I am doing the right thing. Trust me, you will know when you do it if it is right ~ there isn't much doubt and doing the "right thing" feels NOTHING like doing the wrong thing. Even if others might try to convince you otherwise. Deep down ... you know.

This week I have utilized my planner as far as my home management as well as time management goes and I have had a successful week. So much so that this weekend was left open and I refuse to procrastinating in getting a couple of personal projects underway. Here was this week's planner peek! You will see Saturday and Sunday are pretty much open ... that is how it should be!

P.S. I am still loving my Erin Condren life planner!


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