Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Circle of Life : Pain, Love, Peace

Good morning friends! This morning instead of a usually SOS post, I wanted to share a bit of what is currently going on in our family.

My husband's mother ( I often refer to her as my "mother-in-love") is not doing very well. In fact, we were told that it could be any day to a couple of weeks. She has lived a hard life but in the same breath she has been very blessed. It is an honor that I got to be a part of her life, and that I was the one chose to marry her son.

Yesterday I began to reflect on death. It's not hard to do when facing such a situation. I also was immediately reminded that death is part of the cycle of life. Always has been, always will be. It is inevitable and the only thing worse then dying is truly not living your life to the fullest.

I have had loved ones who have died suddenly with no warning, and those who had lived in illness and we had a "heads up" that it would be soon. Neither are easy. When it is sudden your left in shock. When it is long suffering your often wondering and waiting and then dealing with all the emotions that come. Either way ` it is quick to jump into regret mode when someone dies. We begin to wonder if we did enough, said enough, loved enough, laughed enough with them. The answer is always going to be no ~ so don't even ponder it. We could always come up with  more that we could have done, even if you spent 24/7 with the person for years.

My sweet  mother in love was widowed for about 30 years. Her oldest daughter passed away two years ago. A few of her siblings, parents, and friends have gone before her as well. I am sad for my husband, as I have never lost one parent let alone both. I hurt for my sister in love who will be the one left with a huge void as she had been her caregiver for fourteen years straight. I will miss her as well. But we have her here today. She is still here today! We know it is coming, but to be honest, we all have known it was coming for several years. BUT HOW EXCITING will it be for her to see her husband's face again? To hug her daughter and see her as vivacious and well as she was. To see her Daddy whom she loved so much. To laugh and giggle with friends who she has missed. And ... to be with Jesus walking in the sweet meadows! WALKING!

There is pain in our birth, and for many there is pain in our death. But one thing runs true. We can choose to be in peace, and let go in love for there is beauty beyond this earth! There is more after this life here on earth. How amazing that we even got to live..... and got to experience this joy of life! I am tired of being sad and crying at funerals. It doesn't mean I won't. But it does mean that I will accept life for what it is. A gift. A gift that IS time ending. A borrowed gift and one that doesn't last forever.

If ya think about it ~ pray for courage, comfort, and peace for all of the family of my mother in love. I will keep ya updated on any changes.


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