Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What inspires me Wednesday: Intention

I love this day..... and these kinds of posts because it is not just lip service.. Last week was the first "what inspires me Wednesday". It truly is what is inspiring me at this point in time. Let me tell you this one is pretty personal, yet a tiny peek into my life as a "REAL" person. Those who know me, know I am as real as it gets. But there are many of you that just read the blog, or live vicariously through my posts making your own conclusions to what my life is really like (or your perception there of).

Wayne Dyer is known for saying "Our intention creates our reality." And I believe it. But the funny thing is, if your intention is not clear ~ it can be misperceived, misjudged, and misconstrued. Well, it's not funny really because sometimes it can mean the difference in respecting and being respected.

I am pretty open with those I am in close contact with. I would hope that my intention is pretty clear. That I desire not to harm anyone, especially emotionally and spiritually. I am not much of one to worry about hurting someone physically. (Ha!) When it comes to work ~ I am all about the kids and am very careful in sharing the observations I make. Kids are precious, and in some ways I truly feel like I have been given the chance at being the voice of the voiceless. The one to find and share the words that need to be shared even if they are hard to hear. Sadly, the intent is often seen as being judgmental though it has nothing to do with a particular person ... only the situation at hand. It has taken me years to find my voice, and the strength to trust my intuition. The same goes in situations with our kids at home, friends, relationships, etc. I love deeply ~ and my intention for those things I love are not to be confused with any sense of obligation. Intention is not an obligation ~ in fact, they sometimes do indeed contradict each other.

The definition of intention is "a thing intended; an aim or a plan". In other words if you are doing something with an intent  .. it isn't an emotional decision. It isn't' something that you just go flying off about because your mad, hurt, whatever. Intention ... is not a "fly by the seat of your pants" action. It is often thought out ... deeply and intently.

When you live intuitively and with pure intention .... it doesn't matter if others get it or not. You can have peace knowing that there were  no ripples put out into the world with ill intent. Even if you are falsely accused of something or your intent was accused of being anything but what it was ~ that accusation has nothing to do with you but everything to do with the person who made it. And more than likely ~ a miscommunication or a communication gap between the intent and the way it was received. Sometimes it works out... sometimes it feels like wasted air. If the intent was pure ~ it was a chance that was missed to change the world, at least at that moment. It wasn't a "wasted" experience. All experiences we face are there for a reason. They grow us. They encourage us to make our intentions that much more clear in the beginning. 

So... if you ever face a situation when your intention is not received as you had intended ~ don't stop trusting your intuition. Not everyone is where you are in your life (perhaps they are ahead of you a few steps). And ... not everyone has the same intention as you. We are all so very unique and must be careful to not be so harsh and quick to jump and correct someone's intention based on what we think it is or should be. It's kind of like opinions and personal preference. We all have one ~ and have a different perspective on every single situation. We need to make sure we don't slam the door in the face of someone who may just have an insight that we really need. 


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