Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What Inspires Me Wednesday: Support System

For this week's "What Inspires me Wednesday" I have to speak of something that I had no clue how important was until I needed it. My support system!

Last week my mother in love passed away and there was an OUTPOURING of love and support from many people in our circle. Never did I realize how much of a support system we had. Lots of people sent their condolences, and had kind words to say... but our support system went OUT of their way to offer to help in anyway they could, provide food, take the boys out for fun the night after the funeral, and more. It wasn't just words ... it was action.

Anyone can tell you what they want that sounds good. And in the moment it sounds great. It sounds kind. But that doesn't necessarily mean they are included in your support system ~ just someone who speaks kindly.

Support system is defined as a network or group of people who provide an individual with practical or emotional support. That is EXACTLY what I am talking about. I am not talking about those who said in passing "I am sorry for your loss". I am talking about those who hugged me tightly, let me cry, and gave direct one on one support for either me, my husband, or my children. These people constantly reached out to us, not just a fly by "sorry". Texts, calls, flowers, food, words of support. In fact, this support system is STILL reaching out a week later.

At the viewing, I looked at my husband and said these exact words." We are so very spoiled!". And it's true! We are spoiled with such a blessing of a strong and unique support system that I now feel confident that no matter what we might face ... I know we will face it with love, kindness, and never alone.

Are you part of someone's support system? Do you have a strong support system? Don't wait! Don't wait until someone needs you to decide that you want to do a "good deed". Doing a good deed is just that ~ it isn't' a sign of support just caring. While caring is nice, go a bit deeper and live a little harder.

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