Sunday, May 24, 2015

S.O.S: Embracing your journey

I know that my S.O.S title is a bit elusive and makes you think HOW is that going to "save our Saturday", but hang in there with me!

As wives, mothers, or just women in general we often have a lot on our plate of life to "digest". I don't know about you but often times life doesn't offer a "doggy bag" for another day. In fact, if we are honest with ourselves time is often feast or famine. We either have a lot of time to spare or barely any time to catch your breath before the next thing on the list to tackle.

Being a teacher, the last few weeks are just as tough and hectic as the first few weeks. Heck, just being a parent it is that way with all the projects, finals, reports, banquets, and fine art shows it is enough to make you ask "When is rest coming?". For the entire time our kids have been in school, I have been a teacher ~ so I get the best (and craziest) of both worlds.

I for one am thankful that Summer Vacation is coming! Come August when I return to school, I know that I will be refreshed and rejuvenated. I also know that ti is my goal to have written at least 2 books, and begin writing book #2 in the Ladies of Cotton Lake Series! Yes, a bit ambitious but when you have a fame that is lit deep inside of you ... there is no denying that passion. I was a bit discouraged that my first two books were not such "big hits" but again ~ who am I? To many of you I am a stranger and why would you invest your hard earned dollars into me? Well.... that WAS my thinking. This is something that I posted via social media and I decided that if your reading this ... maybe YOU are the amazing support I need! I boldly come ask you to share this link ~ and tell those you love about my books! The word says to ask ~ and that is something that has been given to me often the last week "ASK and you shall receive", so I ask YOU to share the following on your Facebook page!

Not every writer has such a sweet and strong support system as I do. I am very honored and blessed to consider you as part of my very own dynamic team. I am writing to ask you for you help in getting the word out about the two books that I have written in the last nine months. Being a writer who is also a self publisher carries the weight of self promotion as well. Currently I do not have many professional contacts in the writing and publishing field but I do have wonderful and willing friends like you! It would be greatly appreciated if you could share the following link with your contacts via various social media outlets that you use. Rest assured if you purchased an early copy of " You Are More" it has been edited and many first time overlooked mistakes have been corrected. By sharing this information you are helping me to reach many other women who are stuck in a season of their life who are feeling very overwhelmed and overshadowed. My passion for writing and sharing via the books I have written (so far) is to inspire, encourage, and uplift those who need it. Thank you for helping me reach further out than my own arms know how to on my own! If you by chance know the owner or manager of a small shop that may like to feature products from new talent feel free to share this with them as well. Again, thank you for your loving support and generosity as I strive to follow my dream of writing with purpose! Here is that link:
I am embracing my life as a writer and self publisher. Some may think I am foolish for spending time writing when no one is buying but really ~ that is not why I write! I do not charge you to read my blogs do I? Nope! I write because .... well I am a writer! Each book that I publish is  process for the next one. And let me tell you ~ the next one is a doozy! #mydirtylittlesecret  Embracing the journey doesn't mean it is flawless, but it means that I have come to accept it as something truly beautiful. It is revealing my inner-self and what really matters to me in my life. It is truly about becoming who I am becoming as human being and I am amazed at how much more I accept other people's journey as the beautiful and personal gift it is. If I can't accept my journey, how can I expect others to respect it? I challenge you ~ go beyond just doing things day to day. Dig deep. What is it that you can offer the world that stretches YOU out of your comfort zone? Until you are living outside of that comfortable little box you created for yourself ~ you are neither following the path God lined out for you, nor are you embracing your true genuine self.


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