Saturday, May 30, 2015

S.O.S: How flexible are you?

This Saturday is not a "normal" one for us. Usually on Saturdays I am menu planning, grocery shopping, cleaning, and taking care of the yard. But like I said, NOT this week! This week we are having a Family Fun day which I will be sharing (hopefully) on Friday with you! We are celebrating the twins birthday ~ and the fact that we now officially have THREE teenagers in our home! WOW!

Having a change in our routine used to really just put me in a tailspin. I mean full on anxiety and panic because I would just do whatever the change was and still try to get done what I should have done. Now? I am focused, and can for the most part adjust my timing or ... actually go with the flow! Can you believe that?! I contribute most of that to living with a husband who is more spontaneous than a toddler in a toy store! And I mean that in a good way. He is always so able to just jump up and go ~ with no *gasp* plan! I think he is starting to rub off on me .. at least a little bit.

As much as I enjoy planning and following a plan, I have learned that sometimes it is fun to just go without one! Well, I say that but I think inside my brain I am still forming a plan of some sort ~ even if it is for what to do when I get back home.

Yesterday I knew of today's plans, so I was able to at least stop at the store and pick up a few things that would get us through the weekend if I decided to wait until Monday to pick up groceries. With the weather that will be coming in this afternoon/evening and into tomorrow I know that at least we have enough to get us through Monday if not maybe further. This morning I was able to wake up (on my own timing mind you ~ not the alarm clock), and still have time to get this post up, clean up a kitchen that I allowed to be a mess before bed, and do some vacuuming. If I decide to leave the rest of the house cleaning until Sunday or even Monday morning .. guess what ~ it's okay!

Summer is coming and for me that means being able to be more flexible in a schedule ~ and while I LOVE routines, and some things will stay in place I am soon going to be more flexible to make some changes in my daily habits that I have been wanting to take serious. If I am not flexible in what was once my "normal" how else would I be able to make changes?

If you do not make any change in your life in a week's time ~ you should challenge yourself to do so. Do not allow yourself to succumb to living life stuck in a rut!


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