Saturday, May 2, 2015

S.O.S: Pass the torch!

This week has been a beautiful world wind week that has kept me busy and made me realize really what means most to me. My faith. My husband and that relationship, Our children. Writing. Really in that order too!

On Monday I told you a a bit about a "writing deadline" that I gave myself and little did I know that was exactly the push I needed to get something incredible done. Little did I know though that Tuesday morning that "writing" project would be something that was created from scratch and not something I had already been working on yet I was going to keep the same deadline. Yep, that meant that I was going to write a book in four days. Do you know what? I did it. That's right. But... let me tell you something. The process was amazing and worthy of it's own blog post coming up this week!

With that being said, I must share that the house didn't fall apart this week. I wasn't as "strict" on my cleaning habits, but I wasn't so far off that it felt disgusting this morning when I woke up. This week was KEY for me to see that keeping up with the cleaning routines and having the daily tasks in my planner are just what this busy mom and wife need!

Saturday mornings are often my getter' done times especially if my husband is sleeping, or in today's case ` working. I didn't realize though that I would find so much to do!

One thing I have done this Spring is to pass the torch on yard work to the twins. It's hard to do, because I like to do it, but I know that I can't do it all. If they can keep the outside done not only does it give me time back into my week (an hour at that!), but it gives them something to be responsible for. They are about to be 13. So, starting this week we have a deal. One of them does the yard and the other deep cleans their room. Next week it will switch. This week I let the one who was good mowing mow the yard. The other is good at cleaning their room. Now... if they want less to do next weekend ~ they will keep up stuff this week! Especially the one who doesn't like cleaning the room!

This week the girl will tend to her room as well. *ugh* I remember being a teenager, and I remember my room staying a disaster too. It comes with the territory, but she can change those habits. She doesn't like the house being a mess, and will usually  help keep on the twins from leaving their stuff strewn about and that gives me hope that when she is a momma ... she too will have a clean and tidy  home no matter how much her room looks like a tornado went through it.

Are your kids old enough to pass the torch? Even wee ones can fold towels, socks, dust baseboards, etc.


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