Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sweet Word Sunday: Encouragement

I bet your thinking "Why didn't she have Mother as her word of the day since it is Mother's Day?". That is a GREAT question, and I am sure in just a minute you will figure out why... and see that the intention behind this post is far above what you first imagined.

Encouragement is defined as the action of giving support, confidence, or hope. It can also mean the act of trying to stimulate the development of an activity, state or belief. Sadly, we live in a world where we would rather tear one another down instead of encourage them. We enable each other, rather than try to bring confidence and hope. I know, because I often feel very alone as I am growing I see those around me and just feel so heartbroken because I see them stuck in the mindset of doing what they need to in order to get to the top yet no one stops to say "Hey, let's figure out a way to build one another up.".

I know that God is building up my character to be one of more encouragement regardless of what I get out of it return. And to be honest, I have been able to encourage and motivate myself at many times to get through some hurdles of my own. I get so hurt though when I see lots of people talking about a problem, person, etc yet not willing to try to figure out why it has happened, or what their part in the problem was. They want to play the blame game and yet not realize that the solution takes two, just as the problem took two.

With that said, I have some exciting news for all the Mother's out there! I have released a book just for you to bring you some encouragement!

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful yet hardest experiences a woman can have. It is sweet and heartbreaking all in the same breath. Embracing each moment as the gift it was intended to be isn't always so easy. May each word in this book inspire and encourage you as the beautiful and amazing mother that you are. Pieces of my heart is a collaboration of a few of Sheila's favorite posts from her popular blog One Pretty Little Box along with a few words to encourage mothers of all ages.

You can order your copy today at the following locations



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