Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What inspires me Wednesday: Look UP!

The last week and a half has been probably pretty hard emotionally. Well, except for the weekend. I love my weekends at home with my husband and our children and they truly are what keeps me going in stressful times. I say "stressful" lightly because I am learning so much and growing so much in this area. Did you know that stress really is just a mindset? We can choose to let situations stress us or we can choose to look for the good in them. Believe it or not there is good in EVERY single situation we face.

One thing that I often like to do whenever I feel overwhelmed or like I am carrying a heavy load is just to walk outside. Especially at dusk when the sun is setting and the colors in the sky show some beautiful original masterpiece.

Even if it is stormy, I love to be outside and look up. When I walk outside in the mornings to go to work ~ I look up.

There is just something so amazing about looking up at a sky that is so vast and beautiful and realize how small ~ yet big you are in such an amazing world. Our lives are just a vapor yet we live them like we have forever. We often live like the only purpose we have on this earth is breathing ~ and in essence that is just a waste of time.

When I look up, I realize that any situation I may be facing that I feel overwhelmed in is just a hiccup. A tiny little hiccup. They hurt, especially if they are deep but they go just as fast as they come. We have to stop letting the circumstances we face dominate our emotions, and effect our purpose in this life.

Funny thing is, the situation that had me overwhelmed wasn't even a situation I am directly involved in. But I feel for the ones I am close to. When they hurt, I hurt. When they are needing support I try to support them. I am very intuitive and usually know the people I can trust. When that trust gets broken, it often stays broken. Sadly, that has occurred and a tiny piece of me broke too. I keep looking up and reminding myself, it was just divine intervention and for some reason that needed to happen before I trusted the wrong people too much more. I was protected in a very strange way from something.

When life feels overwhelming, go outside for a minute or two and look up!


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