Monday, June 8, 2015

Motivation for your Monday: Limited Focus Needed

Wasted time, distractions, and downright laziness keeps us from reaching the goals we set for ourselves. This Monday, I want to begin to encourage you to get out of your comfort zone of not achieving your goals and push you right into success. If only it were that easy.

See, no matter what I say, outline, or argue with you for you to do the point is.. it's up to you! You alone. What you choose to do is your choice no matter what it is. We cannot blame someone else for they do not choose your focus for you, just like we can't give credit to someone else for the same reason.

But let me tell you one thing. You cannot be focused if you are either distracted or concentrating on too many things at one time. I mean how can you be diligent if you have your thoughts being divided in say ten areas at the same time?! That is just an invitation for pure chaos!

I know the feeling though. There is a TON that I want to do, especially now that summer is here! Trust me! But ... if I want to truly be successful in all that I try to do, I have to narrow down the focus a bit. And guess what. So do you! Here is my game plan, and hopefully by sharing mine I can inspire you to narrow your focus in and really get you to a place where you WANT to succeed. See success doesn't just happen. We work for it. We put the hours in. Whether it's cleaning a house, working on a craft project, writing a book, creating a business.. whatever it may be ...  it takes WORK.

1. Find your three most important goals.

2. Set a specific time to work on each one daily.

3. Tune out distractions. YES this means social media/TV/ talking on the phone, etc.

4. Be gentle. Sometimes learning a new routine is tough. This doesn't mean you use the same excuses but it does mean that you breath in, and enjoy the process. This is a clue to be gentle with people around you as well, because they are not used to you and your new routine either.

My focus this week:
1. Writing #mydirtylittlesecret (a minimum of three chapters this week)
2. Organizing and cleaning out the kitchen cabinets & fireplace
3. Full body quick circuit 4 days this week .

What is your focus? Where are your goals? Share in the comments below!

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