Monday, June 1, 2015

Motivation for your Monday: Quiet

I am writing this post on Sunday evening, and it is because there is something heavy on my heart. Quiet. My heart is heavy and hormones are too. Right now the best theraputic thing I can do is find a quiet place. Both physically, and emotionally.

Quiet is defined as the absence of noise or bustle, silence, or calm. Right now I am in desperate  need of all three!

I am working on a writing project that is just putting me through the wringer emotionally but it needs to be done. God has given me specific details and this isn't the first time. Yesterday we had a family fun day in a very busy place. A very LOUD place at times. I heard many Momma's losing their patience with their children and it was just heart breaking to me. I mean as parents we have a bit of control on what we expose our children to. If your child is NOT a good candidate for a busy, loud, and child LOADED place ~ don't take them! It's okay not to do what everyone else is doing if your child (or you) cannot handle it so gracefully. I get it. When kids act up they need to be disciplined, but really that was NOT what I was feeling. Same thing happened today when I went to buy a few groceries. I wanted to scream "It's NOT EVEN SUMMER YET ~ what are you going to do in a week?"

I learned a long time ago, that the way I act or react ... my kiddos will mimic. If I whine, they will whine. If I complain, they will complain. I guess maybe that is why I enjoy hanging out with our kiddos. They are usually very content and happy. Very grateful for the opportunities they are given. And ... appreciative!

So... I came in to my reprieve for quiet ~ because if I didn't I am afraid I would react in a very non pleasing way. Maybe even so much so like I saw yesterday and today.


I need calm deep down. I am very unsettled as I said. I am writing a book that is very personal, and it is leaving me feeling very vulnerable. Scared. And downright terrified at times.

Quiet. It stops those inner voices that is just clutter. Noise clutter. Where do you go when you need to have a sound break?


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