Monday, June 15, 2015

Motivation Monday: The Most Important and Best Kept Success Tip

Success is something that I have been living in my life for years. Probably since I was a child. I am not in any way boasting or trying to make myself sound amazing, but I want to share something that was once again discovered this morning in the shower.

Yes the shower. I have some of my best ideas in there ~ and sometimes my biggest revelations. And then when I sit down to begin writing I always like to look up quotes or scriptures on what I am processing to share and today did not disappoint those expectations!

From the time I began working ~ straight out of high school, I have always been one to move up the ladder. Even without trying. With that said, I do believe it is has a lot to do with character development and the simple fact that I know my place. If I have a "boss" I have someone over me. I have someone to be accountable to. I have someone that I should be following their lead ~ not getting them to follow mine.

"Submission does not mean weakness; it means exploring your wants and desires and being strong enough to give control of yourself to someone else." Melinda Barron

When the word "Submission" is used, often times people think of a wife being submissive in a marriage. There are many areas in our lives besides our marriages where submission is needed. At work, sometimes in friendships, relationships, etc.

"Submission is a bi-product of respect. Loyalty should naturally follow both. It is an honor to serve those you love." Dana Horton

 I have been looked upon as someone who is a "rule follower" and yes, I am. Rules are created to give leadership, guidelines, and boundaries. I personally choose to respect those with all that I am. Why? Because if we did not have rule, guidelines, or boundaries HOW in the world would a group of people function on a level that is compatible? They give us a level of responsibility and again accountability. If you are not willing to be submissive to those above you in your career, then the best thing to do is quit and go work for someone who you can. Why? Because when you are working under someone you respect and are willing to follow only the best outcome can come from that.

"True strength lies in submission which permits one to dedicate his life, through devotion, to something beyond himself." Henry Miller

Working ~ even if working for your self in your own business/trade, you are indeed working for someone else. All the time. Every single job out there is a form of service. EVEN if you are the owner/creator. You are serving someone, otherwise you will not get paid. Period.

"To be accountable means that we are willing to be responsible to another person for our behavior and it implies a level of submission to another's opinions and viewpoints." Wayde Goodall

One thing I have learned, and am continuing to learn is that every time I put myself in a position to be submissive to someone above me, I reap the benefits and rewards. If you remain a submissive spirit about you ~ you will indeed be a success, and in turn become one of the greatest leaders you might possibly know.


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