Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sweet Word Sunday: Dream Vacuums

I love that picture and as soon as I seen it, I knew deep down that a blog post was coming! I am so very thankful that I did not write this post ahead of time and allowed it flow as it came. I do not credit myself for this photo as it was floating around on social media NOR do I claim that it hasn't been photo shopped. Again, it is not my photo and I do not own the copyright to it.

As you all know for a year now I have been writing about and sharing my dreams with you as I allow them to come to fruition. As I am working on my third book I can honestly say I am a published writer. That means ... I have achieved my goal and now I am working towards something even bigger. In fact, I have two books already in the works as well as the one I am working on finishing for this month.

Sadly though, many people will say they support you, at least until you begin to really make things happen. Once they realize that you meant business..... the support starts to dwindle. Not all of them, but a big huge chunk. I cal these people dream vacuums and that picture up top of this post is a visual of what it looks like. The rainbow is of course you chasing your dreams, and the part of it that is being sucked into the tornado is indeed those people who try to deflate you, tell you your dreams and goals are unattainable, and the ones who indeed are against you no matter what their words may say ... actions speak LOUDLY.

I have people like this in my life, and I realize that more then anything I need to take a step back for a while. Misery loves company but get this ... I don't like misery. I want no part of misery! I have no use for misery... or those who thrive on it. Misery is a mind set of defeat and I do not live  my life in defeat. Sure, I might face some challenges, and yes I may even fail at what I am trying to accomplish BUT.. I don't stay in that hole. I live too good of a life and guess what, I would even say it is pretty much successful as long as I keep distance from the vacuums.

Chances are ... if you are a goal seeker and achiever, you have some of these people in your close circle. Here are a few signs that you have a dream vacuum in your life;

1. People tell you they support you ~ but refuse to invest in you.
This "investment" could mean financially (buying your product), emotionally (never there to celebrate with you or help pick you up when you do fall), or even just the simple act of spreading the word to their friends and family (of your product).

2. They act interested in your ideas, but lend no valuable advice or criticism.
Sure they might have an opinion of what they think you should do but it is often said with no merit, intention, or encouragement.

3. They only come around when you fail.
This is something that truly does irritate me. When you express any feeling or emotion of failure they are right there. Not to necessarily to lend encouragement but to bask in your failure. You will know this because they don't quite come around much when you are succeeding or doing well.

I am sure this list could go on and on but I want to encourage you like no other to allow yourself to be free from such painful destruction. It is almost a self sabotage move to allow these kind of dream vacuums to remain in your day to day life. I find when I am at my best ~ I am often the most alone. I have learned to celebrate alone, and in that it has made me become a greater encouragement for others. I want you to succeed. I want you to do big things for this  world we live in and especially if it is something that YOU were created to do. We all were created to do big things.... and all are a piece of the puzzle to this thing called life. Removing  the dream vacuums from your day to day existence will be one of the best things you can do for you ~ and the world around you. You will be the better you that you have dreamed of being AND ... you have no one to answer to but yourself. Well.. God too, but I am sure you are already striving to do that.


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