Friday, July 3, 2015

July Goals

With the month of July comes many aspirations and the stark realization that we are at the midyear mark. Can you believe that?! This is a perfect time to look at the goals you set for yourself this year and see where you are. Are you on target? Are you ahead? Have you even started?! It is never too late to get going or even to set goals to work toward.

NOT having a plan is planning to fail. Choosing to stay and remain where you are and not bettering yourself in one way or another is choosing to accept things as the best they will ever be. I am not saying you have be anal about your plans, and if God leads you to something different along the way know it is the "cards" in His hand for you. I love every aspect of my life,.... but I have learned every day gets better and better! I would not want to stay exactly where I am, like I am for the rest of my life. That would be boring and life would be setting my standards way too low.

Because of that I have decided to start sharing my monthly goals with you (as well as myself) and to commit to return at the end of the month to evaluate all that I have accomplished. I challenge you to do some of your own goal planning and reaching! 

1. The days that the husband works, I will not return to sleep. I have done that some in the month of June and it felt very needed, yet I lost so much of my day. 
2. I will return to more diligent daily routines as I have indeed slacked this last month. NO our  house is not dirty, nasty, or even cluttered but it is not as clean as it could be, or even as much as when I am working. 
3. I want to work on cutting down our grocery budget some by cooking even more of what we eat instead of relying on fast fixes. 
4. Share more on YouTube ~ perhaps two to three videos a week. 

1. I will finish my newest book "Creating a Classroom They Never Want To Leave" before July 31. I am pushing for a release date of around July 28th so that it can get in the hands of teachers before the school year starts. 
2. Blogging daily for a minimum of five days. 
3. Creating a few cheap PDF's to help you get organized in your home, life, and goal setting! 

1. Lose 10 pounds without dieting or obsessing
2. Drink at least 3 bottles of water a day.
3. Get some kind of sun! 

For now those are the goals I want to really achieve and find success in. I will be using  my Erin Condren life planner daily again (it has been "off" for a month too!). 

Have a GREAT goal setting Friday!


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