Monday, July 27, 2015

Motivation for your Monday: A Swift Shift

In the last week, I have begun to see a swift shift in how I spend my mornings. Because my summer is just about over (one full week and a few days here and there until the 11th), this is a good thing. It has only been one week, but let me tell you seeing the neat little things that happened by this swift shift it is enough for me to begin perusing the new perspective that has been discovered.

For years I longed to have a different kind of morning yet I felt trapped in what I had defined for myself so many years ago. See as soon as my husband would leave, I often jumped in the shower and then found myself with my coffee in front of the computer. Usually stuck in the social media black hole Facebook and YouTube along with emails and blogging.

This week however, instead of that same ol routine I began doing some of my daily cleaning. It is nice to realize that my morning routine (and yes, even some of my afternoon routine) is done within 30 minutes. Thirty minutes! I have been holding myself back by the simple act of procrastination. Guess what ~ who cares if I do not get onto Facebook to say good morning before I take care of a few necessities here are home.

Cleaning for me is a way that opens my mind, and heart for the day at hand. Often times I am praying as I cleaning asking for guidance in the big and little things at hand. If I am honest, I can say that these moments mean more to me then any meaningless chatter on social media. Don't get me wrong, I find value in that as well or I wouldn't have held onto it for so long. I am just learning to move on to the better things for my day. Reflection is more important to me seeking acceptance or value in likes, shares, or comments.

It's kind of like why do I wear makeup if I am just staying home and no one will see me. The answer is simple. Sometimes I do it for me. I like it. I like how I feel when I take a bit of time and "put on my face".

So this week I challenge you to dig deep. Where are you spending your time and does it indeed match the true desires of your heart? Are the little habits keeping you from achieving the goals you long to see come into fruition? Are you indeed being your biggest hurdle in this thing called life? Stop procrastinating, and stop letting fear keep you from making the little changes that will lead to be BIG results!

I'd love to hear from you in the comments below! Tell me if what you want to do lines up to what you are actually doing, and if not what changes can you make to experience the swift shift in your own life?


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