Friday, July 31, 2015

New Blogging Service!

Many people I talk to, once they find out I am a blogger ask one of two questions.

1. When do you find the time?
2. How could I do that?

Here is my standard answer. "I have just as much time as you do in a day, I just make the time to do it." and of course "It's easy. Just do it!" Not to mention I was born to write! I LOVE expressing myself in the written word. I often can express myself better in writing then verbally, though I am a pretty good speaker too!

The thing is we are all "experts" in something. But not everyone wants to put the time into blogging or do they have the ability to wrap the words around the thought they want to share about what they are experts in.

I have desired to do some ghost writing even though I am writing my own books but on the way home from the grocery store this morning I had this great idea. What if .. I could do some "ghost blogging"!?

Being a ghost writer simply is you writing something but someone else getting the credit (for a fee of course). Many authors who get out many books in a year indeed have a ghost writer. The writer gives them bits and pieces or a topic and then the ghost writer puts in the details, doing a lot of the ground work.

So why couldn't I do that same thing for blogging? Even if it is just doing the background work doing the little things getting the blog up and running for a small monthly fee and then eventually "selling" it over to the original owner for them to take over as their own.

If this concept interests you in anyway do not hesitate to contact me for a consultation. In this consultation we will work out the details that works for us both. If you have ever wanted to have a blog and just wasn't even sure of how to blog, I can also be a blogging consultant for you to lead you into a successful blogging future. Do not hesitate to email me at for more information!


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