Saturday, July 11, 2015

S.O.S: A busy mom's guide to setting goals & FREE gift!

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Ya'll know by now that I have grown in the area of goal setting. It has taken me a year in this particular area and I am far from saying I got this figured out! I am continuing to grow in this area! But I LOVE seeing some of you start to set  your goals and see them being achieved as well. It is exciting to see other people become more comfortable about stepping OUTSIDE of their comfort zone to reach a goal that they set for themselves.

1. I hope you caught that first tip! YOU MUST be willing to step outside of your comfort zone some in order to reach a goal. Do you know why? Because you are going to have to make a change and well let's face it ~ not many people are so willing to change without putting up a fight or having a handful of excuses.

2. Have enough grace to pick yourself up when you fall, but enough determination to not give up. That balance isn't always easy and it takes practice for sure!

3. Be persistent! Sometimes to reach YOUR goal, your going to have to say NO to someone. It happens. But don't make goals that you are not willing to say no to someone to make sure you reach them.

4. Celebrate! Yes I said it! When you reach that goal, celebrate it! You earned it by stepping out of the comfort zone of complacency!

5. Pick a new goal! Don't stop setting goals because you reached one!

NOW! I have a gift for you!!! I created a PDF file for you as a sample of how I go about my goal setting! CLICK HERE for your free copy! You can download it in any format you like or print it!


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