Saturday, July 18, 2015

S.O.S: A little fun goes a long way!

I know that I talk a lot about setting goals, and working to achieve them. I am often goal driven and work my tail off to get some of the things I want accomplished completed. With that said, I have to tell you that I have not spoken enough about how important it is to have fun!

You cannot be successful in any area of your life if you are all work and no play just as you can't find success when it is all play and no work. There has to be a balance of some sort. Yes, you will find you might have a few  more work days than you do play days, but if you make your play days worth it ~ they go a LONG way!

Last weekend, the husband and I spent a lot of time with our friends, and neighbors. It broke out in lots of conversations, laughing, jokes, dancing, and even incriminating videos! :) We also played a few games, and simply just enjoyed the company of one another, great weather, good food and drinks and well... it was just what the doctor ordered. This week I have been the most refreshed that I have been in a long time. I wasn't so worried about the little details in life that always take care of themselves.

Maybe you are not as blessed as we are to live in such a fun and fantastic neighborhood. I get that. It used to be us for eighteen years until we moved. It is still so important to plan out some fun in your weekend (or week) to get you over the hump of hard tedious work. Here are a few ideas:

1. Spontaneous Nerf Wars (This can be done inside or outside, with your family alone or even multi family! )

2. A walking potluck! Got a few good neighbors? One of you cook dinner, one serve drinks and appetizers and someone else serve dessert! Not one person's house is occupied by a ton of people, and every pitches in!

3. Out door movie night! There are so many ways (check pinterest) to have a movie projected onto your garage door! Clear out your driveway of vehicles, and allow anyone around to pull up a chair and  join in! Just have a cooler full of ice, and lots of popcorn!

4. Family game night! That is always a fun option! I enjoy playing Texas Hold Em with the guys, so I have been trying to teach the kids too! Who says you can't be a poker playing family?!

Those are just a few.. but get out there and have some fun this weekend! Come Monday, when you are refreshed and ready to tackle your week you will thank me!


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