Saturday, July 25, 2015

S.O.S: Your Back to School Game Plan!

I don't know about you but I am so getting ready for the new school year! For today's S.O.S I wanted to share with you a small pdf pack of forms to help you get ready for school for your kids! I know it can be overwhelming especially for first timers as well as those who have to get multiple children ready. In this pack I am sharing are four charts on three pieces of paper.

1. Supply info!
You have a column to list the supply needed, qty needed, qty purchased, the date in which you packed it to go to school, and where you can check it off that it was sent.

2. Documents for enrollment
Every district is different, but I know ours is a highly sought after district that requires multiple steps each year. This form has a place for you to gather and check off that you have each of the following items: Birth Certificate & Social Security Card, Medical information (shots/allergies info), Previous school records if any, and proof of residency.

3. Personal shopping list
This is for your own notations of either items you have already purchased or need to purchase in the following areas: # tops, #bottoms, intimates, and shoes.

4. School & Homeroom Information
I know peace of mind is always near when I have school contact information, and in the very least my children's homeroom teachers and contact information. So on this form you can document the following:
School Phone #, Homeroom Teacher, and Homeroom Teacher Contact Information.
If you would like to have the whole pack for your own use as you get your kiddos (and yourself) ready, feel free to CLICK HERE to go to the FREE copy just for you!


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