Thursday, July 23, 2015

Think Big Thursday: Know your battle rhythm

Yesterday I shared with you that Inspiration was everywhere. Today I am going to share yet another person who has inspired me and the impact this one person has had on my life by just a few words found on YouTube.

General Stanley McChrystal said "If you want to be successful you have to have a team around you that knows your battle rhythm." But what stood out was that term "battle rhythm" because in some way each of our days are as important as being in a war. I am not saying you or I are better than the soldiers on front lines but I NEED you to look at your life and how you are spending your time as important as one who is fighting because in today's society you have to know what your fighting for and how your going to achieve a WIN for the day. See, if you have no idea what your fighting for or how you are spending your time and energy you will get no where and fast.

You might ask what a battle rhythm is so I thought I would define it simply and then show you what it looks like in my own life and how you can implement the idea to create your own. It simply is a military term used to explain the daily/weekly meetings, briefs, and products that must be delivered/ attended. So if we put that in a "busy mom" lingo it simply is a plan of how your going to spend your time and energy each day/week to get tasks completed either alone, or with other family members, coworkers, etc. If your a parent it includes your children's schedules as well as your husbands. I don't know about you, but I spend quite a bit of time making sure all five of us get to where we need to get to and on time (which means early because if your on time your late), as well as projects completed, along with a home taken care of, family fed and in clean clothes.

As wives, mothers, busy women we must have a battle rhythm of our own. As a writer, my family knows that if my ear plugs are in and my fingers are clickty clackity on the keyboard of the laptop then I am most likely either writing for my latest book, OR for the blog. It's how I work. In the Summer I try to get most of that done during the day in the week so that weekends are freed up some. They also know that I spend a good couple of weeks right before school starts and as soon as I return organizing my school year so that it can run seamless along with writing, home blessings, and keeping them on track as well.

Tools I use to map my Battle Rhythm
1. Planner
I love my Erin Condren life planner. There is plenty of space to  plan out my day, week, month even the whole year as needed. It goes with me to work, in the car during pickups from practice/games, etc. It is basically a piece of my brain on paper. If I or any member of my family  has an appointment it is put in there immediately. I also use it to plan out blog posts, writing schedules, work meetings, special events at either my school or the kids, neighborhood celebrations, etc. I even use it to meal plan, budget, and inspire myself for the week.

2. Computer
I use  my laptop daily! It ranks right up there with my planner. This also includes my flash drive that holds all of my manuscripts both open and closed.

3. Hot tea at night, coffee in the morning, water during the day, dinner at night.
I eat a hearty dinner at night followed by a cup of hot tea. It is how I finish my day. I wake up to a bottle of water followed by coffee. It fuels me for the morning where I power clean and get focused for the day. I have a set routine that works for me. My family can almost map that out just as well as I can ~ just as I can map out there's. This is important because if every person in my home knows each other's routines and habits, we can work around and support one another. Having a solid routine has allowed me to "unplug" more on the weekends than ever before because we have learned one another's battle rhythm. I know on Tuesdays and Thursdays my husband will meet up with a few guys from the neighborhood for an hour or two ~ that opens the window for me to write a bit without "stealing" together time away to write even though he supports me and I remain in the main dwelling area of our home at anytime that I am writing.

So often I get asked "HOW do you do it all?", This is how. I know my battle rhythm and I adjust it as needed to keep on top of things. What is YOUR battle rhythm?


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