Thursday, July 9, 2015

Think BIG Thursday: You have ALL that you need already!

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I woke up this morning with YOU on my heart and in my mind. And it is with this thought. "You have ALL that you need already!". Now you might want to argue with me, want me to see that you have nothing in the bank, lacking a career, or lonely but hang in there with me through this post and I hope to show you differently!

When I ask you what are your basic needs in life  you will most likely give the generic answers of food, shelter, clothes, money, relationships. But you know that is NOT what I am talking about. Sure those things are needed and I truly do not know anyone who is starving, homeless, or naked. I do know a few who complain about no money yet they have internet, cel phones, cable, money for beer, yet they "are broke". I do not know anyone who does not have some sort of relationship with someone. They may not be thriving in that area, but they have someone... we all have GOD. So... if you are reading this .. you HAVE the basic needs in your life. But lets dig deeper and I want to show you that YOU have more than you ever could have thought of.

So let's talk about something a bit bigger! EVERY human has six needs that need to be taken care of. If they are not ... we "adapt" in a negative way. There are two for survival, two for success, and two for fulfillment!

The first two that you need for survival are variety and certainty.
Variety: The need for stimulus and change.
Certainty: The need for safety, stability, and comfort.

The next two are going to lead you to success no matter what it is your want to succeed in and they are significance and connection and love.
Significance: The need to be special and worthy of attention.
Connection & love: The need for connection with others and ultimately to love and be loved.

The last two will help you find fulfillment in your life no matter what is going on the outside of your little world that you live in and they are growth and contribution.
Growth: The need to develop and expand.
Contribution: The need to give beyond yourself.

Now, let me put this puzzle all together for you. The only way I know to do that is share it from my perspective, but I hope by doing so you can see that you indeed have ALL that you need!

I like a routine and I flourish in my life when that is place. That is a need of certainty that is taken care of. I can tell you though if I do the same things day in and day out I feel a huge void, almost like I am just walking in a fog. I need some variety! When I pair those up it looks like this: I work Monday - Friday, and the weekends are spent with husband and kids. I have stability and variety because their are 5 people in our home ~ all with different needs of our own. Some weekends we mingle with the neighbors every day, some weekends we are focusing solely on our family time. It is never the same, and I learned to appreciate that. We all have a need to be significant even if it is only as a wife and mother. Some of us find significance in our careers, relationships, or hobbies. I teach, write, and bake with that need of needing to be significant to someone. Our life's purpose leads us to ways to find that need to be filled. Connection and love comes easily, and though it isn't always pretty we find a way to get that need filled. I am my BEST when things are well connected between my husband and I (we have balance in all areas including our sex life), just as when things are smooth between our children and I. Everything else can be falling apart, but if if am thriving in those connections I am good.  Those four needs MUST be taken care of to experience the last two which are growth and then finally contribution. Growth is just as important as eating. I say this because we live on a moving planet in a moving universe, proof that we all must be moving! You can choose to move forward with growth or think you want to stay the same but instead you are moving backward. Growth can be spiritual, emotional, financial, educational, physical, etc. We should be challenging ourselves to be better today than we were yesterday! And my favorite is contribution. We all want to contribute to something. It feels so good to give back! Sometimes that means giving your child more of your time, maybe even doing something that will help them to become closer to understanding or reaching a goal. Perhaps it is helping a coworker reach a difficult deadline. Maybe it's taking a meal over to someone who is sick, having a baby, or lost a loved one. Contribution goes outside of yourself. If you are so wrapped up in your own needs, this one need will not be fulfilled let alone even touched. I do contribute as much as I can especially at work, and with my neighbors.

Now I told you have all that you need, and I hope that you can see that you do. If not, then it's on you to figure it out, and meet the needs that you might not have realized were holding you back!


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