Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What Inspires Me Wednesday:

This is the SECOND time I have heard this quote by Paul Coehlo, "The secret to life is to fall seven times but get up eight!". Does that NOT inspire you?! I know there is a HUGE message in that for me!

In this thing called life things get tough! And we all get knocked down a time or two, sometimes back to back. Let me be the one to encourage you today that giving up simply means the things you fought for yesterday mean nothing today. Simply put,I fight daily for my marriage, relationship with each of our children, to write compelling and life inspiring content both in the blog and the books, and to be the keeper of our home, as well as my classroom! THAT is a LOT of things to fight for and many times, one will have a priority over the other. It happens.

Dani Johnson is someone that I recently discovered online and has been sowing a lot of things into me whether she knows it or not! Between helping me find ways to cut back our grocery budget, to being reminded to trust my instincts as well as God's leading ... how can you go wrong!?!

I am a firm believer you have to have a wide array of inspiration in your life! YOU MUST find a way to be inspired to be a better you, otherwise you will waste away in the mundane of everyday boredom. As a teacher, I have seen first hand what it is like to have a classroom of bored kids. WE (adults) are no different! We need daily inspiration, reflection, and wisdom and we must have a variety in the ways we get those needs fulfilled!

Here are a list of some of my favorite inspiration as of late!

Gwen Shamblin
Tony Robbins
Brendan Burchard
Mel Robbins
Dani Johnson
Terri Savelle Foy

Don't be afraid to branch out and find some new inspiration to fuel you for this current stage in your life. Who knows, six months from now you might have OUTGROWN the inspiration that inspired you months ago. It's okay! There is nothing wrong with that! We grow.... our inspiration needs to grow too.


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