Monday, August 24, 2015

Motivation for your Monday: Excuses

One of the biggest reasons people do not meet the goals that they set out for themselves is that they lower their standards and make excuses.

My favorite definition of excuse comes from the Urban dictionary and it says this:
they are tools of incompetence, used to build monuments of nothingness, and those who specialize in them seldom accomplish anything.

It explains what an excuse is very easily and in such an amazing way. Do you know why? Because it doesn't leave room to make an excuse for the excuse itself. Amazing right?! 

Excuses are simply just a fence to keep you in the same situation you are in right now. The same situation you want so badly to get out of. I can't tell you how many people will use one excuse to stay in the negative state of mind rather than just doing what they know to do to make things better. 

You were not created to remain the same. Not even in marriage, parenthood, in your career, what have you. You were created to grow and evolve to become the person to fulfill a purpose in which only you can fill. By refusing to change, make changes, you not only hold yourself back ... you hold the whole world back. See, we all need one another, but we also need one another to be accepting of changes needed to take things to the next level. 

Are you holding yourself back from avoiding facing excuses in the face? Are you holding others back because you refuse to change? I don't know about you but change has become something I look forward to. I can feel if I have been in a rut, stuck in the same pattern, and the fence of excuses distract me from being what I need to be ~ not for me... but for the world! 

I love this scripture:

13 Until I come, devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, to preaching and to teaching. 14 Do not neglect your gift, which was given you through prophecy when the body of elders laid their hands on you.

15 Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress. 16 Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers. 1 Timothy 4:13-16 NIV

See, by giving yourself wholly (completely) everyone CAN see your progress (that means your not going to stay the same) and by doing so you will save others as well as yourself! (You have NO IDEA the life you might impact by throwing to the side the excuses and pushing through. EVEN and ESPECIALLY when it's hard.

Ya'll have an amazing Monday and I"ll see ya around tomorrow! Photobucket 

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