Monday, August 17, 2015

Motivation for your Monday: Setting School Year Goals

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Well.... I know that is the beginning of a Christmas song but back to school time feels just as exciting for me. It always has even when I was a kiddo myself. The gap from when I graduated until I had children who were effected by "back to school" (there was a 14  year gap) I had felt this void that I never knew I had. When our daughter started Kindergarten, I began teaching preschool. So back to school for all of us is a big deal! Overwhelming at times, but fun none the less.

As a mother, we have to set the pace for our children (no matter how old they are) and be the one who guides them in being organized, on time, and well focused. We have goals that we would like our children to achieve, and in that we must make goals for ourselves too. As a mom, here are a few of mine:

1. Know my kiddos goals. If I do not know their goals and desires for the year, I cannot guide them in the proper way.
2. Set up a can do environment this year for the kids (mine are teens) to wake on their own, and go to bed on their own without much prodding and reminding from me. This is especially true for our daughter as she only has 2 more years in high-school. If she is going off to college or a career she needs to be able to begin to function in a way that leads her to be a bit more independent.
3. I know we will be extremely busy this Fall between sports, dance, etc. Designated family time on Saturdays is going to have become a reality.

For my kiddos I desire for them to know their goals. Too many adults are going through this world without a vision, without a goal, and are finding themselves not truly seeing the daily successes and understand the process of the year. I plan on getting them this week (they do not return until next week) to sit down and simply write out what they would like to see happen this school year. Every single thing. Even the little things ~ one twin might want a girl to notice him, the girl might want to become good friends with someone new, another twin might desire to make straight A's. Whatever they are I want them to write them down. Then I plan on getting them to look at them daily ~ preferably when they wake up. Having a vision in front of you, reviewing it regularly, helps to get the mind focused and disciplined.

As a teacher, I have my own professional goals and just as my children, I plan on having them written down just as I am having my children write theirs As a leader (all teachers are leaders) it is my job to walk into the classroom every day focused and yes, disciplined.  For me, it feels like new years day ~ a clean slate (my year starts today!). So why shouldn't I set myself up for success?!

Do not just "let life happen"... set some goals and tune into them often and watch how your life opens up and becomes what you desire it to be!

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