Saturday, August 22, 2015

S.O.S: The can vs the will

I am sitting here just enjoying a slower paced morning than the rest of my week has been. Time to sip my coffee not chug it, and to enjoy experiencing the morning waking up and stretching. I normally would be out the door in the dark ~ with the sun just barely breaking through but because my own teens are not yet in school I needed to drop off/pick up from drill practice and take the twins in for football gear, lockers, and turn paperwork in for their athletic year. I will be going in to work for a few hours, but I know that having a slower start was just what I needed this morning. It was just what my inner-being needed too.

That paragraph was out of my morning journal for yesterday (Friday). I had an amazing but busy day yesterday and I think it was because I was understanding a few minor things that needed my main focus. One of them is personal responsibility. Yes I am a busy mom, but I am not the only busy mom out there. There are many of us who are armed and ready to take our kids back and forth from one activity to another, while still holding down our homes in a clean state, putting dinner on the table while not resorting to take out every night, and some of us are even working outside jobs while chasing our dreams in the process!

Inhale. Exhale, Breathe.

Personal responsibility is needed in the understanding of why we do what we do. See, I could sit and complain but what good does that do? I LOVE that our kids are involved in sports and extra curricular activities because they are learning a ton that will take them far in their life. They are learning about healthy competition. They are learning to better themselves by practicing and more practicing. They are learning to listen and operate under authority in a proper way and safe environment. And they also are opening doors of opportunity to serve, minister, and make life long friendships, let alone it looks great on a college application. Knowing that ~ I have no right to complain about "my time" being interrupted, being tired, etc.

Inhale. Exhale. Breathe.

The whole saying that I have quoted up top is that people don't always make the right choices in choosing what they desire. What they "will" do is definitely not the same as what they can (or should) do. That is their given right. But at some point when we want to live a better life and be able to do more survive we MUST begin to make our can's and will's have the same intention and desire. It's not easy, and sometimes it is downright hard but no one promised living a life that you desire isn't something you have to work hard for. No one promised that it would be easy. No one promised that you wouldn't have to sacrifice what is good for what is better. In fact I will tell you that if you are not willing to work hard, and be willing to sacrifice then please don't make excuses. Just be honest with yourself and others and say "I am not ready."

Inhale. Exhale. Breathe.

If you are ready to do more with your life then you also need to be ready to leave the excuses, lazy  habits behind and push forward to do more than you ever have before even if it means you will not see the fruit for a while. Harvest doesn't happen right after the planting.


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