Saturday, August 1, 2015

S.O.S: Daily Home Blessing Habits that Make the Difference

This past week I asked one question on Facebook that I have just been itching to know. I was a bit surprised at the answers I received but I also know that we all have our own list of what is important to us at this very moment ~ and that is how it should be. It is always interesting to see everyone's habits and how the compare. It doesn't say anything more or less about a person that is for sure, it is just interesting.

So, the question was this :

In our home we have two adults, three teenagers (two of whom which are boys), and a kitty cat. We have two bathrooms. Both bathrooms get used quite a bit during the day. We also have a kitchen, living room, dining room, three bedrooms, a foyer, a laundry room, and a garage. Add on to that a front walkway, entry area and a back patio.

I used to be a let's just do it when it needs to be done kind of person. Then I went to trying to do a few things a week so that the weekends were not packed with tons of cleaning and catching up. I have evolved into a daily routine that has not only freed up my entire weekend but keeps our home in a clean order 90% of the time. I do have days where I am sitting right here in front of the lap top (or any other area of the house I move to ~ that is the benefit of a laptop) scheduling out posts, editing videos, writing books, or doing school planning. Guess what?! It also leaves me free to do a whole lot of socializing on the weekends and evenings as well.

So I thought what if I did my whole morning routine and timed it just to show that it really doesn't take a whole lot of time to clean a home. I only did my usual clean up which did not include making the bed (or changing sheets which I do twice a week on the Master bed, and once a week for the kids beds), moping of the kitchen and foyer, yard work, sweeping the front and back patios (though let's face it that takes a whole five minutes), or any other deep cleaning. This is just my daily list which I usually do first thing in the morning. I did include a task in the bathrooms that I do twice a week simply because it needed to be done and I wanted to show that it did not tack on a whole lot of time.

I like to start in the kitchen because I am already in there making the husband's breakfast and lunch. When I finish that I get the following done and it only takes me 9 minutes. I will show you the breakdown:

Wipe down counters and surfaces(appliances on the counter such as coffeepot, Keurig, lamp as well as the front of the dishwasher, cabinets, and stove.)
Clean the cook-top on our stove
Wipe out the microwave
Clean the sink
Unload the dishwasher (This takes 4 of those 9 minutes, and I often do it as I am cooking his breakfast/lunch)
Sweep floor and Swiffer mop

After the kitchen I will go into the kids bathroom and do the following for 5 minutes and 43 seconds:

Wipe down sink, counter, toilet
Scoop the cat-box
Empty trash

When I finish their bathroom I go into the master bathroom and do the following in 5 minutes and 41 seconds. While I do not have to scoop the cat box in our bathroom, our bathroom is quite a bit larger.

Wipe down sink, counter, toilet
Empty trash

After finishing the master bathroom I take my cloth that I had been using and put it in the dirty clothes. Next on this list is to vacuum the entire house. This includes the dining room, living room, kitchen rug (it's an area rug), hallway, and all the bedrooms. Before I start vacuuming I move all the dining room chairs into the kitchen and wipe down our table with a Pledge wipe. Wiping the table, moving the chairs, and vacuuming the house takes me a whole 11 minutes and 40 seconds.

That whole routine takes me 31 minutes and 4 seconds. Daily. And by doing those things our bathrooms stay clean, the kitchen stays clean, and the floors for the most part stay clean.

What I haven't listed is my daily laundry routine which is :
1 load of kid clothes in the washer before bed. If I am still up when the load finishes it I toss it in the dryer. In the morning I will add the laundry out of the master bedroom to the washer as soon as the husband leaves for work. This ensures that I can not only fold the kids laundry and have it put away, but the new load can be tossed in the dryer and then be finished up when I return home from work.

In the evening I am able to concentrate on dinner, pick ups from practice, writing, etc.

*Mirrors/TV's/Dusting ~ these get done weekly or more if needed.
*yard work ~ these get done weekly. Sometimes in an afternoon when I have free time, otherwise on the weekends. I enjoy yard work.
*garage ~ it gets picked up weekly, but deep cleaned every three months.
*Entry way I mop it twice a week.
*Tubs and showers: The master bathroom shower gets cleaned daily as I am showering. I take the time to clean it while I am in there. The kids' bath/shower I get the teenage girl to do it twice a week while she is in there taking a shower or as a quick thing when I get home from work.

Keeping our homes clean really doesn't take as much time as we would like to make it out to be. Now mind you, I am out of the little kid stage of my life ~ and I have taught our children that their stuff stays in their room. They also know when I go to vacuum there bedroom their bed needs to be made and things need to be put away. It hasn't always been this nice of a routine, and I have worked diligently through all the stages of having two infants and a toddler to now three teens. I can promise you it gets easier as they grow, and you mature. Typically we put off too many things out of feeling overwhelmed when really we work it up in our minds to be more that it really is.

You have to find what works for you!

Cleaners I use:
Method All Purpose Cleaner ~ that is what I wipe down just about every surface of our home with. I spray it and wipe it with a cloth. When I get to the bathrooms ~ I spray even the toilet (all around and inside) but I use a Clorox wipe to wipe that down. Twice a week I will use a specified toilet bowl cleaner.
Windex: I love Windex for mirrors, windows, tvs, etc.
Pledge wipes: I use these on my dining room table as well as any wood surfaces.

During Autumn and winter ~ I add in daily cleaning of the fireplace! :)


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