Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sweet Word Sunday: The Keeper

I am sitting here sipping my coffee thinking WOW it's actually here. Time for the world we live in (and by that I mean Texas) to return to all things normal ~ school! Yes I have been in my classroom with kids for a week, and yes it has been rewarding but there is nothing better than everyone being back in routine! I then can feel like the Keeper of my home again!

I love that our children well.. teenagers are capable of taking care of themselves during the day. We have done well raising them and I can trust them and the decisions they make for the most part to not feel like I have to hover over them every single second of the day. That is enough to have made me "The Keeper".

But, being "The Keeper" means more than just that. It's being the keeper of the home, clean laundry, stocked pantry, and being available as needed. It also means being able to really "keep" everyone moving forward as much as possible.

My heart was overwhelmed when I took a second to really look at what "the girl" posted on her door yesterday evening. At the time, we were watching a football game and really just enjoying a Saturday night at home. Imagine my heart swelling like a dry spounge does in water when my eyes fall on the words of my girl's heart on display.

To see this beautiful girl blossom into a young lady in the way that she has truly has just opened my heart in an amazing way. She has been through that awkward middle school phase where drama and hormones brought out the not so lovely parts of being a teen.

She has grown into this lovely lady who has a heart bigger than the sky. Has words to share that will inspire her generation, as well as this momma's heart!

She is gifted with an amazing creative talent that I hope she uses for her future.

It is through this that I realize how important the job is of being The Keeper and I see that even though we are on the back end of raising our children we have several years to go. My heart is full, and my mind is racing! See, this will be a monumental year for our family. The girl is in her junior year and the twins are in their last year of middle school.

So as we are sitting on the last day of the kid's summer vacation I am inspired to enjoy those moments! The moments of excitement as they get their backpacks ready and clothes set out. And  yes, I can honestly tell you they are very excited to go back to school, and that warms my heart. And in this moment when sometimes being The Keeper is overwhelming, I must remember that the reward is sweet!


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