Friday, September 25, 2015


Remember me? I know I haven't been around and I can't promise the hiatus is over, only that my heart was burning to share with you today! Those are the posts that I love to write because they are not pre scheduled nor pre planned but by God himself.

See, being a preschool teacher I have exposure to a multitude of personalities. I adore the kids in my class and know that each one of them are there to teach me a lesson that I couldn't quite "get" without them. They are just a piece of the puzzle for me that I must be able to figure out and then be able to put in the right place.

I can share story after story of the children in my life at the moment but yesterday God was speaking to my heart ~ not necessarily about the child but a behavior that I notice in a particular one every single day. And then my heart broke when I realize I too have been quite the same lately.

Pushing Boundaries.

There are times when we know the boundaries that are set up, but we look to see if we can extend them and things be okay. We decide we can take "control" and do what we want because after all it's our life right?! I mean boundaries are just there as a guideline not necessarily a "fence". WAIT a minute! Do you know what that brings? Anxiety, Fear. Worry. Exhaustion. That is what happens when you "stretch" the boundaries in front of you to meet your wants vs where God desires for you to be.

Children often think that boundaries (telling them no or redirecting them) is mean and not kind. It is a sure sign of immaturity and an "all about me" attitude. They do not realize they are their to keep them safe, and to teach them a better way of living. WHY WHY WHY do we as adults not realize this when God sets his boundaries for our life? Why do we think we know a better way? Why do we think we are different from the millions of other people before us that tried to make their own way in this world yet fail because we didn't follow His lead.

As parents we often give boundaries that we do not intend to stick to. That only means we are teaching our children to be wishy washy and so out of balance! Maybe not by the boundaries you set for your child but by how they see us live our lives. *OUCH*

I wish I had time to write more, but I am off for a Friday morning at work! :) Have a GREAT day!


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