Saturday, September 5, 2015

S.O.S: Rest, refocus, and regroup!

Sit down for a cup of yummyness while we chat for a bit! I love that you are here with me, and that you come to this place I call "home" on the internet. Got your cup? Amazing! Let's begin!

Earlier on the facebook page for One Pretty Little Box, I had asked the question: "How are you coping with "back to school" and creating a new routine!?"

I can tell you for me, I have felt a bit of a struggle with it all. Remember, on top of back to school (which effects the kids AND myself since I am a teacher) I also have a daughter on the drill team in high school and twin boys who are playing football for the middle school. Our life is busy. Throw on top of that ~ neighborhood gatherings (which I ADORE) on the weekends for poker, football watching, or just hanging out together and you can say that I really have felt overwhelmed at the time.

In fact that is the reason behind this post.

Many of you have told me that you too are overwhelmed and my instant reaction is to tell you to not be so hard on yourself as you are finding your new groove, to rest, refocus on what is most important and to regroup. Yes, in that order.

But see... I don't always TAKE my own advice! Until Now!

Perfectly timed, this is a three day weekend! Yes I have been doing some Autumn decorating and some much needed catch up on cleaning and laundry but it has been at my pace, not getting it done in the time left over. HUGE difference.

Go back to what matters most. For me it is my family, teaching career, and writing. I have a couple of books in the works, but yet I struggle to find the time and energy. I feel drained ~ and I honestly think a lot of that is because I am spreading myself out too thin ~ NOT as in doing too much but more of doing too much of what no longer brought me as much joy. Don't get me wrong when I say blogging is one of those things. I loved blogging for so long ~ it was my way of sharing who I am. I have been blogging for almost 13 years now (I had a blog before this one). I love providing content that makes you guys happy, I really do. I love sharing recipes and funny little stories. But it is hard to blog and write at the same time. Many bloggers who are also writers have some behind the scenes ghost writers and I do not (nor will) have that! When I write, I give you me ~ not someone else. With that said I am needing to make a few hard choices over the next few months.

With all that said, I am spending some time today regrouping. Prioritizing time, and energy to where it is needed at this time. Blogging will no longer be something I "have" to do ~ but get to do when time allows. Writing however will take a front seat! I hope to have a release of #mydirtylittlesecret come the beginning of October. Also early October I will be the guest speaker at a MOPS meeting so I need to prepare for that as well.

I challenge you when you begin to feel overwhelmed to first rest, refocus and regroup!


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