Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Mommy Confession Volume 1

Today's post is going to be a combination post! I shot a quick video and put it up on my youtube channel. I didn't quite get all of my thoughts gathered before hand but ya know ~ it's one of those REAL moments.

First you can go check out that video here! CLICK HERE! Then, scroll on down a bit and let's chat!

1. Tired!
Really, for the most part I wouldn't say I am tired all the time. Game days get me because it involve a lot of running around but I am so ever grateful for having a career outside of the home that allows me to also put my family as a priority! For me, my heart will also be at home first ~ because if I neglect my husband (and our marriage), our children (and all that entails), and our home ..... I will be so overwhelmed I want to just throw in the towel and give up! Who has time for that?! Picking up the pieces is just a TON of work!

2. Busy!
I am no different than anyone else. We are all busy. The "fourth quarter" of the year is always busy for everyone! (At least it seems.) As Mommas it just comes natural right?! Throw in growing children, extra curricular activities, a job, writing a book, family gatherings and neighborhood outings and you have a really busy schedule.

3. Back Burners!
My husband and children will never be put on a back burner, however, it seems my writing and blogging have been. I miss that part of my expression and honestly from sharing all that has changed in my life. With that said, I not only plan to return to daily blogging, but I am also going to work more diligently on becoming a regular video sharer on YouTube.


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