Monday, October 26, 2015

Motivation for your Monday: What is AFTER the goal?

This week's motivation comes from the heart ~ and a good kick in the rear from Eric Thomas. Go ahead and click on THIS LINK so you can check out the video too, then let's chat!

Are you a GOAL grinder?
Oh my word, I realized I am! I have always been so proud of being a goal achiever! I can make goals for myself and hit them every time, but ET was right ~ once we achieve that goal it's over. NO!!! It's NOT over! Just because you meet that goal it doesn't mean that your done. NO SIR!

How to get away from Goal Grinding and into Goal living
1. Set a goal.
2. Work towards the goal.
3. Readjust the goal as needed but keep in mind as to what is next.
4. When you achieve that goal ~ what's next to keep you on track for the next level of living?

STOP sharing every single goal with anyone who will listen! Sometimes those goals are for your own use and are only valuable to others AFTER you accomplish them! I am learning this for myself! I tend to be one to share my goals either here on the blog or on the facebook page yet ..... it looses the impact because you already knew what I had planned! Sometimes life happens and we have to take a step back in our plans and there is a delay to actually achieve the goal. Sometimes the inspiration changes during the process!
P.S. This is NOT a sponsored video for Eric Thomas, I just happened to have him in my sub box for YouTube and was inspired! Thoughts and expressions written in this post are my own and are no way a copyright infringement nor manipulated by anyone.

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