Saturday, October 24, 2015

S.O.S: Encouragement for Working Moms!

Oh Yes I did! I just said that this post is for busy working mommas! I know that not all of my readers are working moms, but on the other hand not all of them are stay at home moms either. This post really is for everyone ~ because we could ALL use some encouragement from time to time especially during busy times of our year (or lives).

Reality #1
NOT ALL of us can do what we need to do in our homes in the mornings. I say that not as lightly as some would like because I already get up at 4 in the morning. Some mornings I can get my morning "to do's" done, some mornings I need just a bit more quiet momma time with coffee. It happens. I am a preschool teacher who is giving out of herself from 6:45 in the morning (after already giving out to my own husband and teenagers). Sometimes the extra thirty minutes to myself in the morning is just what I need to keep going all day.

Reality #2
Getting through our daily to do's is important ~ it just doesn't always have to be mornings! I still have a "to do" list every day but I no longer expect to do the things in the mornings (unless of course I am off that day) but am content if they are done before bedtime. Some days I get it all done in one big chunk, sometimes I spread it out with a little done in the morning, rest as soon as I get home from work. Sometimes I leave it all before bed! The point is... it doesn't matter when the things get done as long as they get done!

Reality #3
Sometimes, just sometimes we need to realize that more times than not if our homes are cleaned regularly ~ it only takes minutes to clean up! On the day that I did this video I cleaned for an hour but it also included vacuuming the blinds, polishing the dining room table, and taking a few moments to straighten up the cabinet in the kids' bathroom.

Yes I believe in cleaning daily.
Yes I believe that the state of your home is reflective of the state of your heart and mind.
Yes I believe that you are worth more than a clean house!


This blog post also has a coordinating YOU TUBE video to go along with it as well to give you some VISUAL inspiration/encouragement!

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