Saturday, October 10, 2015

S.O.S.: Preparation for what's ahead

It's been awhile since I have taken some time to write out a blog post ~ most likely a week or so, and I know that you are getting used to that song and dance. Yes, I live a busy life right now! And it is through that I am learning something BIG!

I have been told "embrace those moments because they go fast and all of a sudden you will be bored because the busy times end". But deep down inside I know this is different from the norm. Let me see if I can explain.

I have shared that I have a deep desire to write, speak, and lead conferences in encouraging women especially busy moms to get more out of this life then simply surviving. We were not put on this world as a test to see if we can "survive". We are not living a non reality version of the hit tv show  Survivor!

This was an epic week for me both in my career as a preschool teacher, and as said speaker that I desire to be. I got to experience two football games, four days of lots of little hugs, a day of sharing and watching women be vulnerable and REAL with one another and still kept laundry up, house cleaned, and dinner on the table. We did not eat out once. I am tired, but in the same breath I am rejuvenated and feel ALIVE with purpose.

The speaking engagement went better than I could ever imagine. Work went well and my personal life is thriving too. BUT YES... I am busy from most days 4 am straight until about 8 or 9 when I finally say enough is enough! On Monday I realized God is getting ready to do something big in my life and is releasing my ties that bind me to thinking I have only one purpose in this life. I woke up ready ~ and still at that moment not 100% sure exactly the game plan for Tuesday morning's speaking engagement. By Monday night I was ready to go ~ handout ready and I had peace. Not ONE moment of fear, not moment of being anxious. Why? I knew that it was ordained by HIM ~ and what needed to be said would be said, and He had who needed to be there including myself. For once, I didn't lack confidence in what I was doing, nor did I question my ability.

On Thursday I began to get a good sense of this busy week especially since I took the afternoon and got some landscaping done on our yard after work before afternoon practice pick ups. That morning and through the time I was mowing I could hear the quiet whisper "This busy life your living now, is only in preparation for what is to come when your dreams and goals all come into fruition." Then it hit me. This is exactly what is happening, and in a huge way I am so very grateful for this prepping season. This morning after I had my shower and was getting dressed as well as gathering the dirty clothes and making the bed, I was preparing this post and how I wanted to share the lesson at hand and was given another whisper deep within. "A marathon runner doesn't just go out there and start running a race. There is a time of preparation that is needed to prepare them mentally and physically for the race at hand. The dreams and goals I have for my life will indeed be like running a marathon on some days, and these crazy busy days that are becoming normal for me are just a preparation for me as well as to what is to come.

Many look at difficult times as a reason to complain or even get flustered, but KNOWING that I am actually being prepared for something GREAT, is heart warming and even exciting! I appreciate the slower paced days a bit more, and take on a crazy busy day with a bit of a better attitude because this is what I want!


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