Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sweet Word Sunday: Gratitude

I am on this Gratitude journey, day 17 to be exact, and I wake up finding myself feeling the most amazing I have felt in a good year or so. I feel wonderful in fact from the inside out and I know that it all has been a result of this daily gratitude journey! Every area of my life has been improving day by day and I thank the God of the heavens and the earth for that shift and awareness.

I can tell you one thing. I am in a much better place personally deep within me than I have been in a long time. That alone is a good thing, because do you know why? The world you live in basically reflects your mental attitude. If your mental attitude is negative, all you will experience is negative things.  If the world around you is one of appreciation and gratitude  you will begin to experience more reasons to be appreciative and grateful.

I love every single one of those quotes because they are all so very powerful in and of themselves. I mean really go back and read each one and allow them to sit deep within you and reflect on them. Think about one of your most favorite days of late. What do you remember most? Why? I ask those questions because I can tell you the things that touch me deeply are things that some people might not even notice in their day or they will brush them off for whatever reason. Those are the things I am most grateful for and in general ... if more people were they would be much more happier in their lives.

With all that said I am very grateful for this blog and the content that I feel led to share and those whom lives have been changed for the better. Feeling as amazing as I have today, I realize I miss blogging daily and am making the necessary changes in my daily schedule to provide daily content on the blog again!

I challenge you today to make you a list of your top 10 things you are grateful for. Even if you are down on your luck and life feels hard, there is no way you cannot come up with 10! See you folks tomorrow!


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