Friday, October 2, 2015

The Pharaoh Syndrome: Do you have it?

We have all heard the story of Pharaoh and the plagues right?! Remember the toads, bloody water, flies, etc? If you need a refresher course HOP ON OVER HERE to read up and then come back and let's have a chat!

Read it? Good! Now.... that isn't just so you can know something about history. God purposely wrote that in His word for us... every one of us. We all will go through what I call "The Pharaoh Syndrome". Sadly, we often have to go through it several times before things begin to click and we realize what horrible cycle we get ourselves into.

See... even though Pharaoh didn't want to believe in God, He chose not to listen to the warnings God sent out to him. He completely refused. Each time he refused, God sent a plague his way to catch his attention. NOT because He didn't love him, wanted to torture him, or enjoyed seeing him squirm. I am willing to bet that just like you or I, He wanted to grab Pharaoh's heart and get him to turn his face towards His.

How many times do we not to do what God asks of us, and how many times do we feel that overwhelming experience of the world coming crashing down on us over and over and over until we finally surrender.

Let's put this in perspective:

1. Let's say we want to buy a house but God clearly says no. We do it anyway, even with tons of delays in paperwork, horrible inspections, lost surveys yet we push through and finally get our way then BAM we lose our job and can't find a way to pay the mortgage. 90 days after moving into your dream home, the mortgage company forecloses and your out on the street.

or for another scenario

2. God tells you to quit your job ~ yet you hang on until a project is finished or until you feel YOU are ready. The crazy thing is the roof caves in! One problem after another day after day and just when you think it was letting up, the bottom falls out and things get worse as the days progress.

yet, here is one more:

3. God tells you to walk away from a relationship because it was no longer bearing fruit yet you feel like you have to hold on and really dig in your heels because of time, loyalty, and oh my, what would people say?! Yet the whole time that person is behind your back destroying your living waking testimony through slander, gossip, and backbiting.

When Pharaoh didn't listen to what God was telling him, it not only effected Pharaoh, but his entire community. When we refuse to listen to God ~ everyone we know is effected. Every. Single. Person. In, Our. Circle. No one is immune! This ... is what we call the Pharaoh Syndrome!

If you know that God has been telling you to do something ~ don't wait for the turmoil that comes from disobedience! Each plague for Pharaoh and Egypt became more tough and honestly .... more disgusting as well as disastrous.


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