Monday, November 16, 2015

Motivation for your Monday: Functioning Command Center

Happy Monday! I don't know about you, but I LOVE Mondays! The delight of a fresh new week is always motivating for me and when I have the week set up well and balanced from the get go, it makes it fun and exciting!

Sundays in our home is getting things finished up for the week ahead, or caught up from a crazy busy weekend! Here in our home we have done a lot of socializing so the bigger "to do's" got pushed to Sunday which often is one of our biggest social days because of football (but our team isn't playing so I don't mind missing the other games to take care of business), was the day things needed to be taken care of. Yard work, picking up of the bedrooms, laundry, kids bedding, you name it!

Our main PC had a video card that crashed in it, so at the moment it is out of commission and just taking up space. So, since Thanksgiving and Christmas is coming quickly I tend to begin doing a deep cleaning and rearranging of the furniture in prep for more spacious dining space and of course right after Thanksgiving it's time to decorate for Christmas. Our PC was housed on a small desk in the dining room and it was time for a change. So, why not make a new 'Busy Mom Command Center" that is functional and organized as well as streamlined to not take up much space and be available to everyone as needed.

This space also included removing my temporary make shift "office" from the living room because again, I will need to be moving furniture and desire more walking space for quests during those busy visitation times.

The Post It Wall Planner is a life saver (when it is used) for everyone in the family. I post the menu that week as well as where everyone needs to be or particular chores I want done by each person. I do not include a space for my husband because I do not give him a honey do list nor do I require him to help in the house blessings. Call me old fashioned if you wish but I am the caretaker of our home, and we are raising the kids to be more responsible. In reality there is not a whole lot for them to do either. If for anything in particular I need to remember something for him, it is already listed in my Erin Condren Planner and if need be I make a notation on my box.

Under the Post It Wall Planner I have that small desk that used to house our PC. On the top shelf I have a sweet reminder that every day is a blessing along with a carrousel that houses my post it notes (of various sizes), Sharpie pens which I use in my EC planner, my tripod, battery charger for the camera, and various tools for either planning or taking notes. On the shelf under the top of the desk I have an Orla Kiely tote that holds my EC planner and my Gratitude Journal (which is an EC On the go notebook).

Directly to the right of this station, is where I house my laptop. It sets on the  breakfast bar that opens up to the kitchen. I am getting more in the habit of standing while I write because it helps me focus and not become too lazy by sitting all the time. As a writer, blogger, and YouTuber, I do a lot on the computer which can equal to a lot of sitting if I allow it. Since I use the laptop I can move anywhere at anytime and when my body says "Hey, let's sit" I can unplug and find a comfy spot to work.

The set up I have might not work for everyone. You have to make it personal to fit YOUR needs, and what works for you. While being in quiet helps when I am writing, sometimes being in the middle of my family or in front of the fireplace is just as much a blessing.

Today I challenge you, start small if you have to, but begin to find a spot that is central in your home that is also functional to set up your own command center. I am the CEO of my family ~ and my own writing career ~ so I NEED this space! Even if I wasn't a writer, as a mom and a wife... I need that space!

Here is the video that shares in more depth where what is, and how I use it. CLICK HERE!!

I can't wait to read in the comments either on this post, YouTube, or Facebook on what you think about my command center, if you have one, or if you will implement the idea of having one for your own use!


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