Saturday, November 21, 2015

S.O.S: When you just can't take it anymore

Ever felt like you just can't take it anymore? Like the world is coming against you and nothing you can do is ever good enough, even for the ones whom you are always giving to endlessly and without expectation of anything in return? Yeah.. me too.

Can I give you one tiny little clue that can turn things around?  It is really too simple, and I have talked about it many times before.


Just saying THANK YOU (3 times) even in a situation you do not appreciate can turn things around. No, your not saying thank you for the pain, hurt feelings, or what not but there is always something to be thankful for!

Let's say you are having a tough time in your marriage. It just seems like no matter what you do it just gets worse instead of better. Here is what I have learned (yes, I have been in this same predicament a few times... I still have to take a step back and remember.)

1. Stop trying! Kind of like cleaning a cut, the more you try to scrub the germs out the more it hurts.
2. Take a deep breath. Even when it feels hopeless, you have come this far! Don't give up!
3. Say Thank you Thank you Thank you to things you are learning through this. Here are a few examples of mine:

a) Thank you Thank you Thank you that each time we go through this rough patch, in the end we are closer than we ever were before.
b) Thank you Thank you Thank you that each morning is another chance to say I love you ~ not with words but with action, followed by a few whispers. ( Do you remember being a kid laying the dark and a whisper sounded almost too loud?.. Sometimes words are too loud ~ even well meaning ones)
c) Thank you Thank you  Thank you that I have been given the gift of this relationship and it has grown through the years.

4. Then I would begin thinking of all qualities that you find appealing about your spouse.
a) He's downright handsome.
b) He is giving and kind.
c) He is thoughtful and wise and doesn't make rash decisions (most of the time).
d) He is an amazing provider for our family.
e) He is modest and really doesn't like to be gushed over ~ though that is where I have a NEED, it makes me realize and be thankful we are not the same.

Most times, by the time I am done doing all the above, I can feel much better about what is going on. If I am still feeling uneasy, I continue digging a bit deeper. Sometimes I am just overwhelmed and tired! Sometimes I am about to be PMSing! And ya know what.. sometimes I am just having a BAD day!


I am in the midst of a second round of a Gratitude Journey that I am documenting on YouTube. Here is that playlist if you want to check it out! Gratitude.... is the answer to everything!

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