Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Gratitude Journey: In the Beginning.....

As I have shared on my YouTube channel, I am doing another round of a 28 day gratitude journey.. The first 28 days I have done were in October and while it truly has changed my whole perspective on many things in my life, I wasn't in it 100% of the time.

I mean I did it and enjoyed it I didn't put in the effort I wanted to into the process. While I have seen fruit in my life from the journey, I know deep down inside that I could have experienced way more if I had just been diligent. With as many life changing changes as I have experienced I can only imagine what happens when I focus all the way!

The book that I am talking about is The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. I am amazed at how much happier and fulfilling my life is compared to a month ago. And guess what - it started with two simple words repeated three times ~ "Thank you Thank you Thank you!".

In scriptures when something is repeated three times it means to take note there is something of importance in that message. It doesn't get repeated because one doesn't think your listening ~ instead it means I know you hear me .... but by golly I want you to listen to me, hear me and understand me right now!

Rhonda explains in the book about the connection of gratitude and law of attraction (as well as the lack of gratitude and the law of attraction). The more thankful and appreciative you are about something the more of that you will experience. The more you complain, grumble, worry about a situation the more of that you will increase in your life. I don't know about you, but I want to experience more good things in my life rather than difficult. Once you get the hang of a gratitude life style, even difficult situations are opportunities to be grateful and appreciative.

In the introductory chapters before day one there is a lot of inspiration, amazing quotes to put things in to perspective and good general information. I find much encouragement in those few chapters and in their own way have spurred some intense feelings deep within me, rekindled a buried freedom, and in retrospect given me courage and boldness to accept that not everyone will understand this journey.

The beautiful thing about gratitude is no one can take it from you. You will experience others around you much more easily who are not so grateful but in time you will build the strength to keep on with your gratitude and happy life while they muster through their unhappiness and such. That is what I am experiencing now and to be on the flip side where other people around me no longer effect what makes me happy, how grateful I am, and I have realized I OWN my feelings and emotions ~ no one else, I can take responsibility for that/them.

With gratitude comes the beautiful journey of reaching your dreams and goals and truly living your dream life! In fact if you could sit and dream and list out all your wishes and dreams ~ and know that in time they would all come true what would you list? Why not try that! Make a list of your desires! Live a life of gratitude and be amazed at how your list gets checked off one by one!

Care to join me in this journey? You can find this book at any library, book store, or Amazon. :) I will be sharing about Day one tomorrow!

Today's take away
1. Practice saying "Thank you Thank you Thank you" for something you are truly grateful for. Feel it deep down within to get the full feeling. Now do it 9  more times! Make that list including the words Thank you thank you thank you followed by what you are grateful for and why.  (Ex: Thank you thank you thank for being able to watch the sun rise in the morning on the way to work because it is such a beautiful reminder of the gift of a new day being opened up and shared with the world.) Do this daily throughout the journey.

2. Make a list of some of your deepest desires. Some can be as big or as small as you desire. Be thankful (as directed in #1) for each thing as if it is already yours. Begin to do this daily.

Remember ~ "Gratitude is a gift in itself that truly keeps on giving!" ~ Sheila C. King

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