Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Vlogmas is coming!!!

I thought I would go ahead and post this now because tomorrow will be a busy day, and I have a few minutes on hand right now and I wanted to give a heads up before the 27th!

I am participating in my first "Vlogmas" this year on YouTube! If you have not checked out the YouTube page for One Pretty Little Box and you love Christmas as much as I do ~ now's the time! 

I often get asked "How do you do everything you do" and without sitting down to write it all out (who has that time?), vlogging is the best answer! What is vlogging you ask? Video blogging! 

I have wanted to become a daily vlogger for so long, and in fact I have been a YouTube partner for years .... I just didn't have the confidence to share! Sharing daily about The Magic helped open me up and of course it is crazy how much people like grocery hauls! 

It is so fun to watch how everyone gets through the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season between work, family, celebrations, and so much! We honestly can glean so much from each other and it is so fun to just see that we are all human! It is also neat to see different traditions and what is important to each person during the holiday season. 

If this is NOT something your interested in ... simply don't click the link! If it is however I encourage you to go over to my YouTube channel (CLICK HERE) and hit that subscribe button so you can get the updates as soon as a new video is posted. 

I will be posting from November 27 - December 26 which will actually be my Thanksgiving through Christmas Day. I will be showing the day previous so it will obviously be behind and most likely will be shared in the late afternoon/evening after editing and uploading and such. 

If you have never followed anyone who did Vlogmas I ask that you let me be your first! 


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