Wednesday, December 30, 2015

5 Things You Can Do To Have A Great Year

Yes that's right! I have a list of five things that you can do to have a GREAT year! No matter what will make your year great ~ I guarantee if you will focus on these 5 things on a regular basis your 2016 will be AMAZING!

I can tell you ONE thing about this year though before I start on helping you with the year to come. It is summed up in this picture.

I am a completely different person! Inside AND out! In some of my beliefs, the way I carry myself, and what I value. I am not who I was a year ago, and I happen to love who I am. :) That is coming from someone who at one point thought she was not worthy of any good things in her life and that what good did happen .. must have happened out of sheer luck. Thankfully, I know better that that!

Like yesterday's post (How To Set Goals You Can Achieve) I also did a video to go along with today's blog post! In fact, when I went back and edited the video (actually I just added a pic for the thumbnail), I was brought to tears and felt some inspiration. And they were MY words that did that! Crazy is it not?

Anyway, let's get to the point! Here are 5 things you can do to have a great year, and I promise if you put them in place and use them often, you will come to me at the end of the year and say "You were right!". I'd almost bet money on that.

1. Allow yourself to have a clean slate! 
That, is the most important tip of all that anyone could give you as a new year dawns. Allow yourself to have a clean slate! Let the past go! Do not harbor any resentment, anger, bitterness, or negativity. Instead take a deep breath and say "This is going to be the BEST year of my life!" and allow that to be true. Do not hinder the goodness that comes your way by throwing slop at it every time it is close.

2. Have goals written down. 
This is HUGE! Not as important as #1 up there, but pretty dang close! As you may or may not have noticed I am not telling you what goals you should have... those are up to you. The point is however, to have some and to put them in writing in a place where you can see them often.

3. Know that mistakes are part of the process.
Not only KNOW them, accept them and grow from them. I know many of you may have heard the expression "learn from your mistakes" but many of us have a difficult time when we make a mistake. For some, if we allow it, mistakes can set us back in our goals and even make us freeze out of fear. Look at this way. There have been times where we took a wrong turn when we were driving did we simply just go home? No, we found our way out of that mistake and preserved to find the right turn. Getting to your destination was important enough to find the way there, and it is just the same with your goals. If they are important enough to make them, they are important enough to arrive at the end!

4. Find a support system that values you and that you value. 
This sounds easy I know but let's look at those we consider to be in our support system. Are they there because they value you and what you can bring into this world, or do they simply value you for whatever you can do for them? Ever have a friend who stuck around only when you seemed to be on the same path? Did they disappear or dwindle away when you chose to try something new? That is not a healthy support system because they simply ONLY value you when it matches their need. That is so very sad on both sides. You might feel like you have no body and let me tell you something ~ that simply is not true. I value you because I think each person on this earth has something so beautiful to offer this world even if it doesn't please my tastes or desires. See you are precious, unique, and downright amazing! If you feel you have no one... know that you have me! No strings attached!

5. Don't be afraid to pick up and start again.
That's right! Don't be afraid to pick up start again. Maybe this year you wanted to lose weight and so you decided to give up sugar. All was going well until Valentines day! Just because you had sugar doesn't mean you are a failure or there is no hope or reason to start again! Giving up ... that is what you should be afraid of! Life is a process! Some will say life is a process and it isn't perfect but I beg to differ. Life IS perfect if you simply learn, grow, embrace, and love through it all. Yes it might be painful but even young children have growing pains. Yes it might be mess, but the mud puddles on a wet day dry up when exposed to sunshine.

I am so very excited for 2016, like never before. This is going to be a year that I, like many, will say is going to be their year! I can't wait to start that year with you all and to hear your stories of how amazing it is going for you! If you'd like to see today's video here is the link:


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