Tuesday, December 29, 2015

How to set goals you can achieve

How to set goals you can achieve... sounds easy peasy but in reality it can be one of the hardest things you can learn to do. In fact, if you are not clear of your goals, really it can feel overwhelming and downright painful. Why? Because you will spend so much time spinning your wheels trying to create these amazing goals that you forget that you have to actually have a plan to achieve them!

A couple of years ago I couldn't imagine sharing on this blog about goal setting and actually giving YOU tips on how to achieve them! My life felt like it was all out of balance and well I was struggling with setting my own goals. And here I am feeling more confident than ever that I am discovering a clear cut way that will help as you sit down and begin to plan your goals for 2016. I do not appreciate when people say "I don't set resolutions" because to me that is simply saying "I am not worth making any changes" or they must be stuck in their ways to know that change is inevitable and something that is just a natural part of life.

With that said, please know that I also filmed a quick video to go with this blog post and they will be shared together! If you take a few minutes to watch/listen then you might catch something I share here in writing in a different perspective because that is just how my brain works. I can share in the written word way different than the spoken word and vice versa!

I purposely filmed that video in my SUV in my driveway to prove a point. If your not ready to make changes and take action do NOT set goals. Why? Because you will go no where! In fact, just sitting in the car (making a goal) will NOT get you to your goal ~ you just spend a lot of energy thinking, wishing, and wanting rather than taking positive action to move closer to your goal even if just inch by inch.

The illustration I used was the simple fact that I was about to leave my house to go down the street to a corner store to buy a bag of ice. (It's about a mile and half down the road). If I didn't' take my car, and walked, it would have been a pointless trip because by the time you got home you would not have had the bag of ice you desired ~ but instead of bag of water. That is if you were lucky to even have the water!

When setting goals you need to know where it is you are going, how your going to get there, a possible different route in case their is trouble, and what resources you might need once you get to the destination to complete your goal. Sometimes those answers are hard to predict, and plan out 100% and that is okay! Here are five tips that will help as you sit down to plan out your 2016 goals!

1. If you can't visualize it, it will be 90% more difficult. 
You must be able to visualize the end result of the goal you want to set. If it is running a marathon try to visualize yourself going over the finish line. If it is loosing weight, visualize your body at your ideal and possibly buy a nice outfit! If it is saving money, try to visualize what it will be like to not live paycheck to paycheck and let the details come! Spend time in this practice, and do it frequently! AS situations change, allow your visualization to change.

2. If you can't be grateful for where you are right now, you will never see the changes nor appreciate them!
That's right. No matter WHAT situation you are in right now find something in it to be grateful for. In fact try to find 10 things your grateful for in the hardest situation you are in ~ especially if your making goals that are a direct reflection of that situation. Once you begin finding things to be grateful for you will begin to retrain your brain to begin looking for more. Do you know why? It is euphoric to be in a constant state of gratitude!

3. Be realistic!
That's right! Yes I want you to dream, yes I want you to stretch yourself and go for goals that are outside of your comfort zone, but in a sense I also want you to be realistic! You cannot set a goal to make 1million a year sitting on your rump and watching tv. That is not a realistic goal! You can however set that goal *IF* you have a plan of action that leads you to making life changes that will get you there. How you drive the car ..... will determine if you get there! Don't get a goal to lose 200 pounds yet eat 10 pounds of chocolate cake every week.

4. Don't be afraid to dream and then jump into action!
I dream of becoming a full time writer, youtuber, and work for myself being an encouragement coach for businesses as well as individuals. I dream of reaching out, giving back, and yet still making an income that is comfortable and pleasant. I can just dream of those things. I MUST work for it! I must put some action behind those dreams and not let FEAR keep me back! Two years ago I would have settled and said what I am doing is all I want to do. It's good enough. Now? No. It's NOT good enough but in the same breath while I am dreaming of living the life I desire, I must be prepared to put some action behind that!

5. Breath! Birthing something takes time! 
Yes I liken you setting and achieving your goals to birthing a child. Why? Because lets think about it. Most women (and men) are excited about finding out they are pregnant! (I know the men aren't pregnant but you know what I meant! LOL) It brings them joy, excitement, and it's easy to dream and visualize the end result. Get to the 20 week mark (1/2 way for those who don't know) some of the excitement has fizzled because of the things that have changed in your body. By this phase you might be feeling well, but you get tired pretty easy. What about that 30 week mark where all you want is it to be over! It's hard! Even painful. You might not sleep well, and nothing tastes good. Setting goals is the same way. It is exciting in the beginning.... but the excitement fizzles out! You cannot expect the same excitement UNLESS you take time to breath, realign  your focus as needed, and remember that their is a deadline. The difference between a pregnancy and setting a goal is you can forget a goal.... but you cannot forget a pregnancy. That baby is coming regardless of any prep you have done. Goals are the same ... if you give them a time limit.

I hope that this post has helped to encourage you as you sit down to work on new goals for yourself whether it be because of the new year, or simply because you have decided your worth it!


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