Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sweet Word Sunday: Chosen privacy

Hi everyone! I am so honored and blessed this morning to have time back at my desk, in a cleaned up living room (we De-Christmased) yesterday. (Hey! I know that isn't a real word.... but just go with it!) There is just something so peaceful about a room decorated the hilt for Christmas, yet on the flip side of that, there is nothing more peaceful then a room that is cleared out, and streamlined. This year to make room for all the decorating that we did, I needed to remove my "mini office" out of our living area and had created my "Busy Mom Command Center". It worked GREAT for things like planning, quick video editing etc, but more often than not I kept having to move my laptop because it is difficult to write and such when I am constantly standing. In some reality I wanted to be comfortable and it just didn't feel right. Now that I have my writing space back, I hope to be back on track with writing, blogging and such!

If you didn't know I am also now a daily (well almost daily) vlogger over on YouTube. HERE is a link to my channel if you'd like to check it out! I was doing a video series that is popular amoung vloggers for the Christmas season called Vlogmas but I didn't share a lot of personal activity as many others. I couldn't quite put my finger on it but I am now able to wrap my head around it and it makes perfect sense. For me anyway. By sharing what I am about to share, in no way am I trying to condemn anyone else who may have shared more than I did. By no means am I saying they are wrong and I am right, I am ONLY sharing my viewpoint and why I chose to keep Christmas Eve & Christmas day private and off camera.

Here is a post that I shared on my business facebook page on Christmas afternoon/evening.

Now I want to share something kind of personal. Christmas is more than just a day to me. It's more to me then even a religious holiday. Christmas to me .... is a time where being an adult merges with the magic of Christmas as a child and just escalates and ebbs as well as flows into this just place of perfect peace and joy. No video could capture that. As new as I am to daily vlogging ~ I didn't want my focus from Christmas, my family, and simply just taking in the moments as they happened to be interfered with picking up the camera and trying to pick up just the right moments that I want to share with the public. Vlogging and sharing intimate moments can be special ~ but sometimes they can also bring in a bit of false expectations both on my end and viewers ends. Think back to all the pics you saw between facebook, instagram, snap chat, parascope, and countless other social media outlets of Christmas mornings.

Now I want you to think about someone less fortunate, maybe someone who has been longing for children for years and have been unable to have a child of their own or adopt. Think about the pics you seen that had several generations around the tree and think about the fact that there were people spending Christmas alone, hurting, possibly even contemplating suicide. I didn't want to be a part of that hurt for someone else. I didn't want ANYONE to compare their Christmas giving with ours ~ because it doesn't matter.

I LOVED doing Vlogmas, and I do plan on continuing daily vlogs ~ from this point forward. But ... never it is my intention to parade my life around in a way that makes someone feel like they are missing out on something. I share simply to encourage, inspire, and uplift.

Privacy is defined as the state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people. It is also defined as being free from public attention.

I think "Chosen privacy" is the perfect explanation of what I did the last few days of "Vlogmas" this year! Next year? I may be led to share more, and that's okay too!

I sure hope you all enjoyed a bit of chosen privacy yourself over the Christmas Holiday and I encourage you to do that in the next few days to reflect on your year and what you would like to see happen next year!


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