Thursday, December 31, 2015

Thank you 2015!

Thank you 2015 because you have given  me so much more than I gave you! A year is just a year some will say but this was surely a year of growth and understanding for me which I cannot say enough positive things about. Yes, some lessons you gave me were difficult to understand, and hard to realize but as I sit here at this moment to share my gratitude for all you have done I am overwhelmed with emotion.

*I learned to accept my differences as beautiful expressions of individuality.

*I have learned that gratitude trumps every thing ~ even when you think you are at the very rock bottom if you find something to be grateful for you will again see the light.

*I have been able to write and publish  my second book and add it to my Amazon Author's Page.

*I have been able to let go of things and relationships that  no longer serve me without guilt nor regret.

*I have been able to see the true beauty in everyone I come in contact with, and by becoming more intuitive, I can read people like a book.

*I have been able to help guide our children to greatness and to begin to see some of their own goals and dreams take root in their lives.

*I realized that no matter who is around me, I can remain in my same GREAT mood even if their's stinks. I have also learned sometimes it's just better to get away from them when they are in a funk. No need to let their stink bring me odor!

*I have also learned that there are people who like what I have to say ~ and in fact they have told me it has changed their lives.

*I have been able to help others this year when THEY were at rock bottom ~ and be able to smile at the end of the day. Talk about JOY!

I probably could go on and on but this year was full of more UPS then downs! I also can say that what I thought I wanted at the beginning of last year is NOTHING compared to what I really desire! Clarity is a beautiful thing!

This year I learned that I can make all the goals I want to but if i just sit around waiting for them to happen on their own ~ it isn't very likely they will come forth. Yes some things do "just happen" because we pull it in by what we think about, but some of our goals MUST be work oriented!

I am letting go of some really bad habits when that clock strikes 12 but I wouldn't have had the strength or courage to do that if this year hasn't' been as good as it was. There is more greatness in me that is untouched that I want to experience!

Thank you 2015 for being there for me every single day. Thank you for the sunrises, sunsets, and even the cloudy days where it was hard to experience either. Thank you for the warm summer days, cold winter nights, spring and autumn beauty, rainbows, dragonflies, pink egrets, football games, chats with friends, and so much more!


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